“We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!” is a chant that isn’t usually heard from fans on a football field, in a basketball arena, or on a baseball diamond, but it’s being heard from professors at North Greenville University.

On Wednesday, CBS News released the latest “Best Professors” list, which is compiled by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. The center generates the list according to the composite teaching scores schools received via, a website which allows students to ‘grade’ their professors on a number of important criteria.

The website has captured more than 15 million ratings from schools across the country; RateMyProfessors regularly publishes a top 25 list.

Since the site’s inception, NGU has enjoyed favorable rankings from its student body, but this most recent result is its highest placing to date. North Greenville University professors ranked second this year behind Oklahoma Wesleyan University. NGU is the only South Carolina school listed in the rankings.

Liberal arts colleges again dominate the list of institutions with the best professors primarily because a liberal arts education focuses on undergraduate education and routinely offers instruction in small classes that allow students to get to know their professors and find mentors. This sets universities like North Greenville apart from larger, research-oriented institutions, at which faculty are divided between professional commitments to both teach and produce published works.

The academic environment at NGU is also a factor in the school’s consistently high student satisfaction ratings. Students know that their professors are committed to serving Christ as a matter of faith, and to serving students as a vocational calling. Understanding that a professor is personally invested in one’s education and success, and most of all, one’s spiritual growth and personal salvation, makes a big difference to students.

NGU has also been named to the current Forbes’ America’s Best Christian Colleges® and America’s Top Colleges® lists. In previous “Best Professors” lists, NGU ranked fifth in 2010, and seventh in 2011 and 2012.