NGU Sends Five Teams to Spread the Gospel Over Spring Break

North Greenville University is sending out five short-term missions teams and a total of 34 students next week during spring break. The destinations are Nicaragua, North Africa/Middle East region, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Vienna, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia. Fourteen students will be traveling to Nicaragua, eight to the NA/ME region and four each to Amsterdam, Vienna, and Bratislava.

The Nicaragua and NA/ME groups are LIGHT teams, while the other three are traveling with the NGU Mass Communications Department. None of the destinations have been visited by an NGU teams before, which adds an exciting element to the trips for those going. Dr. Allen McWhite, NGU Director for Global Missions, began laying the groundwork last year in Nicaragua and in the NA/ME region to prepare for the student teams. He will be traveling with the NA/ME group.

Dr. McWhite’s team will be concentrating on educational ministry, while the larger team going to Nicaragua will be serving in a variety of ways. They will be involved with the Chosen Children organization helping out with orphanages, human needs, Vacation Bible Schools, sports ministries, and direct evangelism. The three teams going through the Mass Communications Department will be working with Trans World Radio, an organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel through media and specifically the airwaves.

As the teams go out, please pray for the students, faculty, and other team members traveling to spread Christ's Gospel. Specifically pray for open doors of opportunity and favor with the people being witnessed to, general safety, quick adjustments to the different cultures, the Lord's help in overcoming language barriers, and strength and faith for everyone involved in these teams.