NGU Service Awards 2013

At North Greenville's annual faculty and staff luncheon, Dr. Epting and Vice Presidents from the University's major offices and program areas recognized new faculty and staff and honored members foof the community who have reached milestone years in their careers at NGU.

The following individuals were honored at the 2013 luncheon:

40 Years of Service

Jackie Griffin

35 Years of Service

Mayson Easterling

30 Years of Service

Jan McDonald

20 Years of Service

Larry Barnwell

David Haynie

Keli Sewell

15 Years of Service

Deborah BarefootBarry Combs
Lynne Gosnell
Lorry Green
Carla McMahan
Tim Nihart
Micah Sepko

10 Years of Service

Melissa Barnette
Jill Branyon
Jeffrey Briggs
Gregory Bruce
Jeffery Cook
Reginald Ecarma
Cherie Finley
Chadwick Gfeller
Susan Kahl
Larry Mathis
Bill Murray
Deanna Nilsson
Gerald Roe
Dale Savidge
Edward Sherbert
Charles Wilson

Five Year Service Awards

LaVada Barnwell
April Boone
Leslie Brown
Debra Caipes
Jack Camp
Edwin Culbertson
Shannon Dobson
Brian Hawse
Robert Howard
Daniel Howell
Jody Jennings
James King
Frank McCall
Robin McCarter
Larry McDonald
Danny McGaha
Alexander Miller
Lorri Miller
Omar Mirabal
Reginald Reynolds
Mark Roeder
Nathan Ruffrage
Michelle Sabou
Vlad Sabou
Blake Smith
Gail Smith
Charles Snook
Lisa Snyder
Ricky Sparks
Walter Terlitsky
David Viers

Office of Enrollment Services "You Make a Difference" Award

Vice President for Enrollment Services and Financial Planning, Keli Sewell, awarded the "You Make  A Difference Award," an honor started last year that will be bestowed once per semester upon a member of staff and a member of faculty who have gone above and beyond in regard to hospitality toward studetns and families who visit the Campus during special events such as Encounter Days, Sneak Previews, or private tours. 

This semester's honorees were Dale Bruce from the Office of Business Affairs and Dr. Trey Fouche from Outdoor Leadership. Congratulations!


(L to R: President Jimmy Epting, Dale Bruce, and Keli Sewell, VP for Enrollment Services and Financial Planning) (Not pictured: Dr. Trey Fouche)