NGU Service Awards 2014

At North Greenville's annual faculty and staff luncheon Thursday, Dr. Epting and Vice Presidents recognized new faculty and staff and honored members of the community who have reached milestone years of service.

The following individuals were honored at the 2014 luncheon.

Dr. Jimmy Epting
35 Years of Service

Elise Styles
30 Years of Service

Sally Boyle
25 Years of Service

Sue Good
20 Years of Service

Five Years of Service
William D. Baddorf
Ellen Cape-Jewell
William Cashion
Eugene P. Chaffin
Nathan Drake
Jan M. Foster
Marti J. Glass
Sarah Hall
Christine Haltiwanger
Kimberly P. Johnson
J. Wayne Landrith
Dean A. Norris
Steven Pearce
Marlena Pinner
Suzanne Sellers
J. Keith Walker
Darian Keith Washington

10 Years of Service
Tony Beam
Zachary M.H. Buser
Christopher A. Davis
Eddie Fisher
Timothy H. Hawkins
Sharon H. Kingsbury
Ronald C. Marks
Kathryn McColskey
W. Michelle Moses
Timothy Patterson
John N. Strange
Timothy van den Meiracker
Tina Wells

15 Years of Service                           
Cheryl Collier
Julia B. Drummond
Linwood A. Hagin
William McManus
Jonathan W. Rentz
Lisa C. Van Riper
Pete F. Wilbanks


Office of Enrollment Services "You Make a Difference" Award

Vice President for Enrollment Services and Financial Planning, Keli Sewell, awarded the "You Make A Difference Award," an honor started two years ago that is bestowed once per semester upon a member of staff and a member of faculty who have gone above and beyond in regard to hospitality toward students and families who visit the Campus during special events such as Encounter Days, Sneak Previews, or private tours. 

Last spring and this fall honorees were faculty members Jeff French from the College of Mathematics and Science and Jeff Rankin from Christian Studies in the College of Humanities. Kim Key from the Office of Business Affairs and Jerald Aughtry from Maintenance were the staff members honored. Congratulations! 

      Jerald Aughtry


      Jeff French


          Kim Key


           Jeff Rankin