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You dream of that new job, promotion, or raise. You desire to communicate better. You can't figure out what motivates your boss. You need to learn basic accounting for your job. You desire to start a small business and don't know where to start. You want to lead your team, or family, better. You know you can do that job better. You want to be the manager or leader.

If this describes you, then the online business and leadership degree at North Greenville University may be the best option for you. Here, NGU Online Business and Leadership Department faculty members are prepared and willing to help you begin a successful career as a businessperson.


Major Description


As a business and leadership major at NGU, you will spend much of your time managing, leading, communicating, analyzing, team building, solving problems, researching, making decisions, determining ownership structure, solving ethical issues, and motivating others.
You will learn about theories of motivation, leadership qualities, financial analysis, employment law, communication skills, servant leadership skills, marketing, and resume development, as well as how to apply this knowledge in your own career.

In your senior year, the development of a personal portfolio will highlight your current and previous experiences, jobs, education, and learning. This includes an upgraded resume and documentation of your accomplishments. A special feature of this course is your ability to request and supply proof of prior experiential learning, earning you up to 12 hours of transfer credit, which saves you both time and tuition.

Ultimately, the online business and leadership degree will provide a strong education based on a biblical worldview that will prepare you for a variety of business-related pursuits. 




The curriculum for the NGU Online Business and Leadership Department at NGU is designed to give you skills that will assist in your present and/or future job search. The courses build upon each other and provide a well-rounded, full range of knowledge and experiences. You will excel in understanding accounting, management, leadership, communication, and organizational principles. You will also develop skills that can make you a leader and manager in your chosen vocation.

Introduction to Business starts you on the road to broadening your knowledge of legal principles, employment issues, theories of management, and the historical and present understanding of what it takes to be a leader among men and women. You may also elect to add in marketing to round out your preparation for the future and learn how to sell yourself.



Our faculty members within the NGU Online Business and Leadership Department are specialists in their fields. Many hold a doctoral degree and some a master's degree, but all have years of experience in the subject that they teach. You will be taught by proven experts. Their emphasis is leading you to discover and improve on your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and sell your sizzle: your differential advantage.

Each professor has the passion to bring you closer to your dreams and incite you to dream larger and to consider new ideas and prospects. These men and women also have a strong desire to draw you nearer to our Lord and to improve your daily walk with Jesus.



All bachelor of business online students are enrolled in the leadership and management concentration. Additionally, you may elect to minor in marketing, a great supplement to a business major.



  • Applied Leadership
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Internship
  • Organizational Development
  • Salesmanship
  • Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship




  • Entrepreneur
  • Division manager
  • Small or large team leader
  • Human resource manager
  • Marketing manager (with marketing minor)
  • Management consultant
  • Mid-level manager in any company
  • Operations management
  • Office manager


Learning Experience



Practical Coursework

Each course, such as Principles of Management and Principles of Leadership, gives incremental knowledge that can be applied, hands-on, that very day.  BBA online students find these courses to be tremendously applicable to daily life.

Case Studies

The case-study approach utilized in many courses offers job simulation and improves decision-making. These cases provide successes and failures to learn from.


The business and leadership program offers four internship courses. These are often field-based, offering you the opportunity to go out and experience hands-on learning within an actual business or organization.

Credit for Previous Work Experience

Business and leadership also offers to provide you experiential credit because you have already experienced significant hands-on, job-related life trials and successes. If you have been on the job already, then you may qualify for up to 12 credit hours of internships.


The courses listed below are required for this major. Courses do not need to be completed in the exact order shown. Once admitted, Academic Advising will assist in personalizing your degree plan. View the online Schedule for upcoming course offerings.

General Education Courses

e-Learning (3 hours)
Academic Success (3 hours)
Biblical Foundations (3 hours)
Jesus in Matthew's Gospel (3 hours)
Oral Communication (3 hours)
Composition and Rhetoric (3 hours)
Composition and Literature (3 hours)
History course (3 hours)
Contemporary Mathematics or higher math course (3 hours)
Natural science course (3 hours)
Psychology or sociology course (3 hours)

Core Courses

Principles of Accounting I (3 hours)
Principles of Accounting II (3 hours)
Introduction to Business (3 hours)
Business Law I (3 hours)
Business and Report Writing (3 hours)
Business Ethics (3 hours)
Human Resource Management (3 hours)
Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
Operations Management (3 hours)
Principles of Leadership (3 hours)
Servant Leadership (3 hours)
Portfolio Development (3 hours)
Business Directed Internship I (3 hours)
Business Directed Internship II (3 hours)
Business Directed Internship III (3 hours)
Business Directed Internship IV (3 hours)
Management Information Systems (3 hours)
Macroeconomics (3 hours)
Microeconomics (3 hours)
Probability and Statistics (3 hours)
Fundamentals of Marketing (3 hours)
Applied Leadership (3 hours)

Elective or Minor Courses
Elective or minor* courses (18 hours)

*Please refer to the bulletin for detailed information on all available minors.

(Note: You can review the entire sample course list for this major on the Year 1 tab. Please contact your admissions counselor to help you decide which courses best suit your needs.)

(Note: You can review the entire sample course list for this major on the Year 1 tab. Please contact your admissions counselor to help you decide which courses best suit your needs.)

(Note: You can review the entire sample course list for this major on the Year 1 tab. Please contact your admissions counselor to help you decide which courses best suit your needs.)

Program Objectives


  • Articulate and defend how you may become a difference-maker in your chosen vocation and realm of service or ministry.
  • Apply business management and leadership concepts and strategies to the work environment.
  • Analyze and integrate the various fields of business, including accounting, economics, management, leadership, marketing, international business, and other ontologies, in an ethical environment focused upon biblical truth.
  • Be equipped to enter a graduate program, such as an MBA, if desired.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and effective communication in a variety of venues.
  • Apply content and skills in an online or hybrid learning environment utilizing a 12-hour internship in which past and future workforce success can be directly applied to your academic and professional knowledge.


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