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There are many different avenues for a NGU Online student to obtain financial aid. Below, you will find information on some of those opportunities and steps to follow to ensure your financial aid is taken care of prior to enrollment with North Greenville University.

FAFSA-The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. By completing the FAFSA (https://fafsa.ed.gov/), our financial aid office will be able to determine aid opportunities available for you. These opportunities may include Pell Grant, the South Carolina Tuition Grant, and Direct Stafford Loans.


  • Pell Grant-The Pell Grant is a federal grant that is awarded to students based on need. After completing the FAFSA, please contact our Financial Aid Office to determine if you are eligible.
  • South Carolina Tuition Grant (SCTG) - The SCTG is a state grant that may be awarded to eligible, full-time NGU Online students during the fall and spring terms. FAFSA must be completed by June 30th. Contact our Financial Aid Office to determine if you are eligible.
  • Private Scholarships-North Greenville University will honor any private scholarships that you apply for and obtain.


Steps for Financial Aid


Step 1:


FAFSA-Please log on to https://fafsa.ed.gov/ and complete a FAFSA
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

North Greenville University's school code for FAFSA completion is 003441.


Step 2:


Contact NGUís Office of Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office will be able to assist you with application for student loans, Pell Grant, South Carolina Tuition Grant, and private scholarships.


Step 3:


Login to your student portal to pay your balance.


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