Online | Graduate Programs

North Greenville University is now offering online graduate programs in Business Administration, Christian Ministry, Master of Education, Master of Arts and Teaching, and Master of Music Education.

  • The MBA program is designed for people like you—business people, engineers, health care providers, and others interested in moving ahead in their careers. Getting an MBA has helped our graduates obtain promotions, move into new professions, or start and manage their own businesses.
  • The MCM program is designed to equip individuals with the tools essential for ministry excellence in the 21st century. Built upon a solid biblical and theological foundation, the program enables those called to ministry to develop vital skills to better serve an ever-changing culture.
  • The MEd  program is designed to prepare licensed teachers by encouraging their effective, reflective, and facilitative practice.  The MEd Program focuses on preparing strong teachers in education through equitable educational practices while emphasizing the application of classroom technology and research-based practice.
  • The MAT program is designed for students who seek certification to teach.  Students who currently hold a bachelor's degree in Math, Science, Social Studies or English can add to their existing knowledge, skills, and practical training qualifying them to seek certification through the South Carolina Department of Education.  
  • The MME program is designed for the working Music Education professional, offering a quality education for licensed teachers, in a biblically sound, Christ-centered environment.  The MME degree is a practice-oriented degree, designed to meet the needs of professionals interested in advancing their careers, knowledge, and skills in music education, regardless of level or specialization.  To prepare students for roles as cultural, musical leaders, the North Greenville University T. Walter Brashier Graduate School engages fully with the University's intellectual and technological resources while collaborating with other artistic centers throughout the world.

Benefits of Our Online MBA, MCM, MEd, MAT, and MME

Because the entire MBA,MCM, MEd, and MME programs are offered online, it is ideal for those who travel, juggle job with home responsibilities, or have difficulty leaving work to attend classes.  Most of the MAT can be completed online.  Since the degree offers certification by the state of South Carolina, observation hours and supervised student teaching must be done in a South Carolina school.

Work at your own pace.

Students can complete their MBA or MCM degree in two years or less. For less money than you would expect to pay for a traditional master’s degree, you can now go online, register, pay tuition, attend classes, and complete tests—all from the comfort of your home office or study area.

The online MBA, MCM, MEd, MAT or MME program provides you with the following benefits:

  • Schedule and location flexibility (virtually anywhere)
  • A two-year or less curriculum
  • Focused more than a one-course-at-a-time program format that encourages rich interaction with peers and faculty
  • No on-campus visits required
  • Courses designed and taught by experienced NGU faculty
  • A Christ-Centered class environment where faith and learning are realized