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Physician Assistant Program Overview


The PA Medicine Program at North Greenville University is a professional degree program intended to prepare students academically and professionally for responsibilities and services as a PA.


General Information


  • The ideal NGU candidate is well-rounded demonstrating excellent grades, hands-on patient care experience, an outstanding and altruistic commitment to service and volunteerism, a passion for medicine and the PA profession, and desire to serve as a primary care practitioner in a medically under served area.
  • All NGU PA degree courses must be taken as part of the PA cohort and no advanced placement options are available.  All students who matriculate into the PA program must complete all program requirements.
  • This entry-level master's degree program consists of 131 semester hours divided into three phases that span 24 consecutive months. The Didactic Phase represents the preclinical year and spans 12 months. The Clinical Phase represents the clinical year and consists of 11 months of supervised clinical education and coursework. The Summative Phase is 1 month in duration and represents the final stage of training. 
  • Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded a Master of Medical Science (M.M.S.) degree and be eligible to sit for the PA National Certifying Exam (PANCE). 
  • The NGU PA Medicine program will matriculate 20, 25, and 30 students in 2017, 2018, and 2019 (and beyond) respectively.


Admission Resources


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Special Consideration

PANCE Pass Rate


Pre-Screen Scoring Matrix


The NGU Physician Assistant Degree Admissions Committee will review all applicants meeting minimum requirements (please see application process page for details) and either (1) invited to interview, (2) put on hold, or (3) deny an interview. Applicant scoring is based on the following:


Note: The Graduate Review Evaluation (GRE) requirement is optional for applicants with a Master's Degree or higher.  Applicants who opt out, will be assigned a 'good score' of 152 in verbal reasoning, 153 in quantitative reasoning, and 4 in writing.  


Interview Timeline


Interviews will begin in July and continue until the class is full or October 31, whichever comes first.  By using this approach it is possible to fill all available seats prior to the October 31 date.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to submit a completed application as early in the process as possible! The longer you wait to submit an application (even though prior to the deadline), the greater your risk that no class seats will be available, or that only a few will remain. Once the class is full, remaining applications will be evaluated for an alternates list.


Interview Process


An invitation to interview does not guarantee acceptance into the program.  The NGU PA Program uses a rolling admissions process. Therefore, applicants who qualify for an interview may be invited to the next available scheduled interview date.  Program faculty (program director, medical director and principal faculty), adjunct faculty, and local physicians, PAs, and health care workers will make up the interview team.  Each will be trained on the interview process before the interview date and briefed on the scoring criteria before each interview session begins. 

The interview day will begin with introductions, pictures, and expectations for the day. Next, applicants will be evaluated via a series of short, carefully timed interview stations and one essay station.  Each of these encounters will assess the candidate’s non-cognitive attributes.  These characteristics include accountability, altruism, appearance, boundary recognition, compassion, flexibility, honesty, humility, problem-solving ability, reliability, respectfulness, responsibility, self-awareness, sensitivity, tactfulness, teamwork, tolerance, and work ethic.


Candidate Selection


Candidate scores from the interview process will be totaled and posted on a ‘Post Interview Matrix’ and applicants ranked in order of score.  Next, the pre-screen matrix and post screen matrix will be provided to the NGU PA selection committee for discussion.  The committee will select up to 50% of the program’s open seats on the day of the interview (up to 100% once only six seats remain). The remaining will be set aside and reviewed again during each subsequent interview session.  During each applicant review process (to include the initial review) applicants will be placed in one of three categories:

  • Admit now.  These candidates will receive a formal offer for a seat in the NGU Physician Assistant Program within four weeks of completing the interview.
  • Alternate list (wait list).  These candidates will be formally notified – by email – within four weeks of completing the interview.  Each wait-listed candidate will be reviewed during each subsequent interview session.  At that time, their status will be updated to (1) admit now, (2) continue wait list, or (3) declined.
  • Declined.  These individuals will be notified within four weeks of the interview process.
Letters of acceptance may have conditions to matriculate.  In this situation, the offer and conditions of acceptance will be detailed in the letter.  An example would be acceptance of a student who must complete the required prerequisite course/s by October 1 (verified by November 1) prior to matriculating into the program. In this case, their acceptance would be pending successful completion of the prerequisite course.  For details on what is required, see ‘post acceptance requirements’ below.



Conflict of Interest


Faculty members must use their professional integrity and excuse themselves from interviewing, ranking, or selecting candidates with whom they have a significant relationship. This may include but is not limited to: family members, friends, family friends, acquaintances of individuals they know well, and those whom they have established professional relationships with in other settings.


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