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Len Eidson, MSPAS, PA-C

Principal Faculty

North Greenville University

(P) 864-663-0266

E-Mail: william.eidson@ngu.edu








  • Certificate of Completion: Focus - PA Academic Fellowship 

  • Master of Science: Focus - PA Studies
  • Bachelor of Science: Focus - Exercise Science and Physical Education


Educational Leadership


  • Project Teach, HRSA Grant - Academic Training Fellow
  • Medical Simulation Training
  • Grant Writing
  • Inter-Professional Student Interactions



  • Faculty Committee
  • Didactic Curriculum Committee
  • Clinical Curriculum Committee
  • Admissions Committee


Clinical Practice Experience


  • Diagnostic Imaging PA
  • Observational Medicine PA
  • General Surgery PA 


Intellectual Contributions (Research)


  • Before and after descriptive analysis of cerebrovascular accidents in patients with concurrent diabetes mellitus in an academic health center
  • Fluid dynamic model of cellular energetics during exercise


Professional Certificates and Certification


  • South Carolina PA Licensure
  • Arizona PA Licensure
  • National Commission on Certification for PAs


Professional Memberships


  • American Academy of PAs 

  • Arizona State Association of PAs
  • South Carolina Academy of PAs


Interests and Hobbies


  • Family


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