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New Student Orientation


We are excited to welcome you to the North Greenville Family! It will not be long until your student will be heading to their new home for the next four years. We look forward to seeing you on campus for New Student Orientation in the Fall. 


Family Weekend 


Family Weekend is a time for family members to spend the weekend with their student on campus. A schedule will be available each Fall.

Stand in the gap for NGU students, faculty, and administration by joining NGU parents in monthly prayer. Our desire is to encourage, support, and gain strength from other parents as we spend time talking with God about the needs of the students, faculty, and administration; unite with other parents to pray; and gain peace of mind in knowing our students are blessed with prayer.
We will make a monthly prayer focus and list topics and suggestions for related prayers that are particularly relevant for college students. 



The monthly prayer focus for September is “Change.”
Pray for the changes in our children’s lives, the changes in our own lives and in the new circumstances we all will face. Each college year brings new classes, new professors, new friends, a new home, new emptiness and new growth.
Pray for the clutter in each student’s life and that each will prioritize, organize and use time wisely as change is taking place daily.




The monthly prayer focus for October is “Commitment.”

Pray for a commitment to God, to family, to each class, to a job, to their college goal, to friends, and to service.

Pray for the knowledge that accountability starts with God and that the commitment to Him demands faithfulness.

Pray for spiritual growth. 




The monthly prayer focus for November is “Choices.”
Pray for the day-to-day choices and the moment-to-moment decisions our students will make. The importance of these cannot be overestimated.
Pray to loosen the burden of running their own lives, our own lives, and that God may do the work He desires through each of us.




The monthly prayer focus for December is "Comfort."

Pray for the opportunity to minister with the heart.
Pray for character and the privilege to be an encourager.
Pray that your child will be surrounded by generous hearts and that he/she will not only be a good friend, but will develop lasting positive friendships at college.




The monthly prayer focus for January is "Calling."
Pray for a vision for your child so that you can help him/her obey God's call.
Pray for motivation to follow God’s plan and the fuel needed to pursue His passion. Pray for obedience because the result is growth.



The monthly prayer focus for February is "Light.

Pray that your students see and follow the path that God lights for them.

Pray that your student allows God to enlighten their minds with truth.




The monthly prayer focus for March is "Communication."

Pray for an open and honest source of communication with each relationship.

Pray for the ability to listen and identify God's voice. Pray for friends and family.
Pray for your child's future mate. Pray that your child will not settle for anything that God has not planned for him or her.
Pray for parents to be wise in conversations as parent/child relationships also are changing and growing into adult relationships.




The monthly prayer focus for April is "Challenges."

Pray for the control of each day.

Pray to remain focused, prepared, and to be strong in the Lord.

Pray that if asked to go one mile, the heartfelt desire will be there to go two.




The monthly prayer focus for May is "Confidence."

Pray for bold faith, because faith and confidence in God go hand-in-hand.

Pray for discernment to say "no" to things that would hinder the duties and ultimate work that God has in store.

Praise God for this year and the opportunities that we have had to grow in confidence as we have made our requests known to Him.     

Parent Connection, published by the Office of Marketing and Communications, is a monthly e-newsletter just for parents of NGU undergraduate students. The purpose of the e-publication is to keep parents connected to campus life and events. Below is an archive of past e-newsletters.

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