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Parking Regulations

North Greenville University

2015 – 2016 Parking Regulations

We are grateful that God continues to bless North Greenville University. We are continuing to grow and are having another record enrollment this year. However, with a growing population comes an increased responsibility to follow the parking regulations. These regulations are enforced for your safety and the safety of others.

Changes and Reminders to Parking Regulations

1.     Due to construction and policy changes at North Greenville University, North Greenville University Campus Security reserves the right to change or add to these Parking Regulations to better accommodate parking and traffic for students, faculty, staff and visitors at any time. Proper e-mail and other notices will be made before these changes take affect.

2.     IMPORTANT NOTICE! North Greenville University Parking Permits are purchased on-line. Permits are no longer purchased through NGU Campus Security. The University and NGU Campus Security has implemented a new on-line method for students to purchase their NGU Parking Permit. All Parking Permits must be purchased on-line. The Rydin PermitExpressTM is installed and is found on the North Greenville University website. Instructions are listed below in section entitled Permit Regulations. The Purchase Parking Decal website will be available June 15, 2015 to purchase Parking Permits for the 2015-2016 school year. After you register your vehicle and pay your permit fee, your permit will be mailed to you within 48 hours.

3.     NOTICE: The Parking Permit Fee is $65.00.

4.      There is a minimum charge of $25.00 for a No Permit Ticket/Citation.

5.      If the student is under 21 years of age at the time of obtaining a parking permit, the student must discuss with a parent or a legal guardian of the student the parking regulations for the North Greenville University Campus. With the new on-line Rydin PermitExpressTM, there is a place to acknowledge that the student has read the regulations and that the student, agrees to obey the parking regulations and pay any fines that you, the student, may receive for violating any regulations. A NGU Parking Permit cannot be purchased unless the student marks this acknowledgement agreeing to the NGU Parking Regulations

6.      Parking at Tigerville Baptist Church is for Commuter and Commuter Housing permits only. (See Parking Regulation number 10)

7.      Bicycles must be registered and the regulations followed. (See Bicycle Regulations)

8.      The Appeals process for tickets is the same this year as it was last year. (See Appealing a North Greenville University Parking/Traffic Tickets)

9.      No student parking in front of Einsteins/Runion and Ameris Bank.

10.  The parking lot directly behind Runion and Ole Studio at 414 is for customers of Einsteins and Ameris Bank which are located in the Runion Building, employees of Einstein, Ameris Bank and Faculty/Staff of North Greenville University. Students parked in this area at any time will be ticketed. The parking beyond the Ameris ATM and moving away from the Runion Building is available to be used by students. There is a sign at the entrance to the Runion/Billingsley Theater Parking Lot stating that after 5:00 PM students will be ticketed for parking in this parking lot. It will be open to theatre and art majors and commuters. After 5:00PM, the parking lot will be open to patrons of the Billingsley Theatre.

11. NO OVERNIGHT PARKING IN COMMUTER AND FACULTY/STAFF PARKING SPACES. After curfew, which occurs at 12 midnight Sunday through Thursday night and 1:00AM Friday and Saturday nights, any car left in these lots will be ticketed. Repeat offenders will be subject to being booted.

12. No person shall, without lawful authority, attempt to or in fact alter, deface, injure, knock down or remove any official traffic sign of device, or any inscription, shield or insignia on North Greenville University property.

13. North Greenville University and NGU Campus Security shall assume no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated or parked on campus or any University property. Valuables should not be left in unoccupied vehicles at any time and vehicles should be locked when not in use. Thefts or damages that occur should be reported to North Greenville University Campus Security for investigation or other action.

REMINDER: These rules are set in place to conserve parking spaces and to allow everything on this campus to be done “decently and in order” (1 Cor. 14:40).

North Greenville University’s Security Officer’s Authority

North Greenville University Security officers enforce all State laws, including all traffic laws. NGU Security officers also enforce North Greenville University rules and regulations. North Greenville Security Officers are the proprietary, on-site law enforcement. They have the authority and powers of a Deputy Sherriff and should be treated accordingly. Under the laws of the State of South Carolina, North Greenville Security Officers are authorized to issue State Uniform Traffic Citations. This will require a person who has been issued a State Uniform Traffic Citation to appear before a Magistrate Judge. The NGU security office also assists Tigerville Fire Department upon request.

Parking & Driving Regulations

Parking Regulations

1.      Students are responsible for where their cars are parked. If their vehicle is lent to another person, the owner of the vehicle assumes all responsibility for compliance with the parking regulations.

2.      Resident students cannot drive to classes, meals, or activities. Their vehicle should remain in their assigned parking lots while they are on campus. Commuter students should allow significant time to arrive on campus and find proper parking before class. Resident students should not drive to home football games and/or other University Campus sports activities or games.

3.      Students are to park in designated parking areas for their specific permit. The designated areas are as follows: M (Male) permits are to park in Bruce and Tuttle Overflow Parking lots and the white lined spaces in front of Jr. Howard, Hartness, Cline, and Anthony, behind Bruce Hall and at Maintenance, white lined spaces only; F (Female) permits are assigned to park in Tuttle Overflow, the white lined parking spaces in front of Junior Howard, Hartness, Cline, Anthony, gravel lot around Cooper, Roberson Resident Hall, in front of Self, Trustee, Horton/Tingle and Emory Resident Halls; C (Commuter), CH (Commuter Housing), FC (Fairview Campus) and PC (Pleasantburg Campus) permits are assigned to Hayes Ministry Center, AV Wood/Library, Tigerville Baptist Church, the back parking lot behind the Runion Building the upper gravel lot in front of Runion or other designate overflow parking noted in these Regulations; permits for specific houses are to be at that house only: CC permits are only to park at Crusader Court, the Brashier/Younts parking lot or facing 414 in the Emory, Trustee, Self, Horton/Tingle Residence Hall parking lot; BA permits are to park at Brashier, Vandiver, Martin Parking or the Self, Trustee, Emery, Horton-Tingle Parking Lot; MW permits are for male students assigned to walking Residence Halls, i.e. Yearwood Duplex Residence Hall students need to leave their vehicle parked at the Yearwood Duplex Residence Hall; McKinney House students need to leave their vehicle parked at McKinney House and those assigned to Residence Halls on Foster Circle must park their vehicles at Foster Circle; A permits (Auxiliary Housing Chinquipin 4, 8, 12, 14 and 100) are to remain parking at their house or the first eight (8) spaces on the left side of the road going up to the Tingle Student Center from Chinquipin Road. (Note: These spaces are signed for Auxiliary Housing.).

4.      There are no Commuter (C) or Commuter Housing (CH) permitted vehicles allowed to park in front of the Younts Wellness and fitness center.

5.      If you, the student, change your housing assignment during the course of the school year, come to the Security Office and inform Campus Security. If the change in housing assignment changes your parking permit assignment, you will be given a correct parking permit to correspond to your new housing assignment at no additional charge, provided you purchased your original permit in accordance with Parking Regulations.

6.      All parking on campus is marked. A parking space has lines on three (3) sides. If a place is not marked, it is not a parking space and therefore subject to ticketing. The following are the color codes for parking lines on campus.

a.      White Lines: student parking

b.     Yellow Lines: faculty/staff parking

c.      Blue Lines: State issued handicapped parking permit only

d.     Red Lines and red curbing: Fire lane zones-no parking

7.      There are times when special visitors are on campus for special events. Traffic cones are put out to reserve spaces for them. Do Not Remove These Cones.

8.      There are areas of construction on Campus, and Campus Security may block traffic and/or parking in the construction areas at any time.

9.     The parking on Student Center Drive off Chinquipin Road going up to the Tingle Student Center is mostly designated parking for Faculty and Staff; therefore the lines are painted yellow. The first eight (8) spaces going up on the left are designated and signed for Auxiliary Housing with an A parking permit. The Auxiliary Houses are Chinquipin Houses 4, 8, 12, 14 and 100. Also, the first nine (9) spaces on the right going up are signed for student parking. This parking is designed for students to park to go the Post Office, the NGU Bookstore, and the ’68-’69 Grill, BSU or Student Services. Students should limit themselves to parking for one (1) hour or less. This parking area is not designated for all day or class parking.

10. Parking at Tigerville Baptist Church: The members of Tigerville Baptist Church are gracious in allowing students of North Greenville University to use the church’s parking lot. Students are to park in lined spaces, not on grass or blocking traffic flow or entrance into the buildings. Parking at Tigerville Baptist is for Commuter and Commuter Housing parking only. The church has also voted to allow NGU Campus Security to enforce NGU rules and South Carolina State Laws on Tigerville Baptist Church property.

11. The Brashier/Younts Fitness Center Parking Lot: Due to the new Georgia and Marshall Men’s Residence Halls opening up, this parking lot is now for BA and CC permitted vehicles only. There is No Commuter, Commuter Housing or other student parking in this lot.  Male parking behind Brashier Apartments, to either side of Brashier Apartments, between Brashier and Vandiver Residence Hall and in front of Martin Residence Hall is strictly prohibited.

12.  Vehicles parked facing the wrong way on a one way road/street are illegally parked and subject to ticketing.

13. The gravel parking lot, next to the Barbara McCormick House, is now designated for buses. 

General Traffic Flow/Driving and Parking Directions for Specific Areas

Notice: The NGU Campus grounds have been beautified. The grounds have undergone major changes, which has altered parking and driving on Campus. There are construction projects and grounds projects that are continuing to take place on campus. As necessary, changes, both permanent and temporary, in the NGU Parking Regulations will be made and e-mail notices will be sent out. Also, as “Special Events” occur on campus that alters parking and traffic flow, e-mail notices will be sent out.

Note! Campus Security and North Greenville University have made an extensive effort to paint traffic flow arrows and put up traffic signs. Please observe and obey them. This will make traffic flow safer and give you a more pleasant driving experience.

  1. Donnan Boulevard is the main entrance from Highway 414 onto campus. The Donnan entrance is also an exit from the back of Hayes Ministry onto Donnan. This part of Donnan Blvd is TWO WAY traffic. The right turn from Donnan to behind Hayes is now an exit from the back of Hayes Ministry onto Donnan Blvd to exit the campus. Do not turn right from Donnan Blvd. to drive behind Hayes Ministry.

2.     Parking Behind Hayes Ministry: To park behind Hayes Ministry Center, go past The Hayes Ministry Center. Turn Right into the parking lot between The Hayes Ministry Center and the Library. Drive down to the STOP sign; turn right traveling behind The Hayes Ministry Center. The parking lot behind Hayes is ONE WAY toward Donnan Blvd. Part of Donnan Blvd is now an exit from campus onto Highway 414. The beginning of the two way traffic starts at the exit out of the back of Hayes Ministry parking lot to the bottom of Donnan Blvd. to Highway 414.

3.     Donnan/Turner Chapel Parking Lot: This is the parking area in front of Hamlin/Fine Arts and Turner buildings. These spaces are for guest, faculty, and staff only. This regulation is enforced 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No student parking in this area. Do not park in the parking space reserved for the President of the University.

4.     Exit from the Crain Science Parking Lots by the Student Center onto Chinquapin: This road is two-way traffic to and from the parking lots at Crain Science, in front of Todd Dining and the parking area in front of the Student Center field. From Curfew until 5:31PM, these parking spaces are for guest, faculty, and staff only. Students can park in faculty parking (yellow lined spaces) at Student Center Parking, Crain Science Parking and Craft/Hemphill Parking between the hours of 5:31PM and 12AM (Midnight) Monday through Thursday and from Friday evening at 5:31PM until Monday morning at 1:00AM. After 12AM (Midnight), vehicles in these areas will be subject to being ticketed.

5.     Crain Science: The parking lot in front of Crain Science has been expanded. This larger lot is for faculty and staff. Students can park in faculty/staff parking (yellow lined spaces) at Crain Science, between the hours of 5:31PM and 12AM (Midnight) Monday through Thursday and from Friday evening at 5:31PM until Monday morning at 1:00AM. After 12AM (Midnight), vehicles in these areas will be subject to being ticketed.

6.     Craft/Hemphill Christian Worldview Center: There is new parking around the Craft/Hemphill Center. The parking in this area is for Faculty, Staff and Visitors. Students can park in faculty parking (yellow lined spaces) at Craft/Hemphill Center, between the hours of 5:31PM and 12AM (Midnight) Monday through Thursday and from Friday evening at 5:31PM until Monday morning at 1:00AM. After 12AM (Midnight), vehicles in these areas will be subject to being ticketed.

7.     Exit from Taylors onto Highway 414: Some of Taylors Street is now TWO WAY; from behind Neves down the hill to Highway 414 is TWO WAY. At Neves there is a barrier that states, “DO NOT ENTER.” At this point, Taylors Street becomes a ONE WAY and any traffic going past the barrier/sign and Neves going up the hill to the Campus Security office is in violation of NGU Driving regulations and is subject to ticketing. The ONE WAY starts at the Campus Security Office going down past Bruce Resident Hall, the Gym, Neves, to Tennis Courts/backside of Neves.

8.     The Back Gate: The Gate at the exit from Taylors Street to Highway 414 closes every night at curfew and opens again at 6:00 AM. After the gate is closed, exiting campus is done by going back up Taylors. If gate is open and a driver travels the wrong way up Taylors Street, which is mostly a ONE WAY, the driver will be ticketed.

9.     Parking in the gravel lot (upper parking lot) in front of Runion: The upper parking lot is now for Commuter and Commuter Housing parking. Note: Parking on the grass is prohibited.

10.  Commuter and Commuter Housing overflow parking is in the Emery-Horton/Tingle Parking Lot, the Billingsley Theater Parking Lot located behind Runion.

Driving Regulations

1. The speed limit on campus is 15 mph. This speed limit is strictly enforced. Signs are posted. The speed limit is radar enforced.

2. Obey all traffic signs.

3. Obey the traffic laws of South Carolina.

4. Watch for and yield to pedestrians.

5. Do not drive on the Maintenance Road, i.e. the road that goes past the Maintenance Shop to Crusader Court

6. Obey directions and instructions of Campus Security Officers.

7. Follow ONE WAY sign directions

Permit Regulations

1.      Residential, commuter, and other University student vehicles, including Graduate School students and College of Professional Studies, must be registered with Campus Security and each vehicle that you drive to/on campus must have a parking permit purchased for it. Students taking only On-Line classes are excluded from the purchasing a permit requirement. Permits must be displayed by the fifth day of class.

2.      Permits are sold during both semesters. Permits may be purchased for a cost of $65.00.

3.     Permits are now purchased on-line using the RydinTM PermitExpress

Input your information. Register your vehicle and your NGU Parking Permit will be mailed to you within 48 hours.

    A. You can go to the NGU Home web page and click on Campus Security and click on "Purchase Parking Decal," at the bottom of the list or go to the NGU Student Portal, login and look for the NGU Parking Permit and click on the "" hyperlink. This will take you to the "North Greenville University Parking Permits" Home Page

    B. Click on: “Click Here to Purchase Permits” and follow the instructions.

    C. On the second page, enter your last name in the "Driver's Last Name" Box.

    D. Enter your CrusaderID/Student Login in the box where it requests "ID Number.'

    E. The next page is the Agreement to the "Terms and Condition of Use" please read and then check that you agree to the "Terms and Conditions of Use."

    F. On the next two (2) pages, be prepared to provide the following information:

Driver's Name, Physical address, Mailing Address, Cell Phone Number

Driver's License Number, State

Registered Owner's Name, Phone Number and Relationship to Driver

Vehicle Make, Model, Year and Color

Vehicle License Plate Number, State and

Insurance Company AND Policy Number

Read the Parking Regulations and click the box that you agree to abide by the regulations.

    G. The next page is your payment. If you select Credit Card, you can use your Credit Card or your Debit Card.

    H. After you complete filling out you information, print off a copy of your receipt. Your Permit will be mailed to you.

    I. When you receive your permits, place them on the vehicle according to instructions that come with the permits.

    J. Suggestion: If you live on campus use the following address for your mailing address:

                Your Name

                P.O. Box 1892

               Tigerville, SC 29688

4.     Accurate, truthful information is required concerning information you input into the RydinTM PermitExpress system. Giving false or incorrect information, whether intentional or unintentional, could result in the suspension of your campus driving and parking privileges or other penalties. Also, giving false/incorrect information violates your Enlightener agreement and the consequences listed in the Enlightener will be enforced by Student Services.

5.     Beginning at 8:00 AM on the fifth day of classes, vehicles without current permits will be ticketed each day until a permit is purchased. On or after the third (3rd) ticket issued for no permit on a vehicle, that vehicle will be subject to being booted. Permits must be properly displayed on the vehicle anytime the vehicle is parked on campus. (See Permit Regulation number 7 for placement.) The permit is valid only for the academic year it is purchased.

6.     There is a mandatory minimum charge of $25.00 for a No Permit Ticket/Citation.

7.     All NGU student permits are annual, excluding Dual Enrollment Permits; no semester permits will be sold. If two or more persons from a same family are purchasing permits, the first permit is $65.00; and the second permit and each additional permit is $10.00 each.

8.      Proof of driver’s license, insurance, and registration card are required to register a vehicle at North Greenville University. Vehicles without current license tags and insurance will not be allowed on campus.

9.      Regular parking permits must be placed on the outside of the windows of the vehicle. The Administration of the University has determined that all Parking Permits must be adhered to the window as the stickers were designed to be placed on the window. There are two (2) stickers to be placed on the vehicle. These permits have the same permit number and are for the same vehicle. One permit is to be placed on the lower left corner, i.e. driver’s side, of the front windshield and the other permit is placed in the lower left corner, i.e. driver’s side, of the rear window immediately upon purchase. If the permits have been purchased but are not displayed in accordance with this regulation, the vehicle is still subject to being ticketed. The “no permit” fine of $65.00 will be placed upon the students account.

10.  Campus Security Office hours for permit problems or change of permit is between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM Monday through Thursday and between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Friday.

11.  If a student has two different vehicles, a separate permit must be purchased for each vehicle. The cost for the first permit is $65.00; the cost for the second permit is $10.00.

12.  Dual Enrollment Students must obtain a Dual Enrollment Permit. The cost of the permit is added to the student’s Dual Enrollment bill. The same credentials required for a standard NGU student permit are required for a dual enrollment permit, i.e. driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.  Dual Enrollment permits are for Dual Enrollment students only. If a dual Enrollment student has other family member(s) that are full time or part time student(s), they cannot share the Dual Enrollment student’s permit. Full and part time students must purchase a permit for their vehicle in accordance with NGU Parking Regulations.

13.  Students that have leased vehicles that are used as their permanent transportation must register their vehicle and purchase a parking permit. This permit must be displayed. On leased vehicles only, with permission from the University Administration, a lessee can place the permits on the inside of the windows of the vehicle. Permission must be granted by the administration in writing with a copy registered in Campus Security. Complete instructions for placement and mounting of the permit will be given at the time the letter granting permission for different placement is received in Campus Security.

14.  For all non-registered temporary-use vehicles, temporary permits must be obtained from Campus Security immediately upon arrival at the North Greenville University campus. This includes, but is not limited to: another family member’s vehicle, rental vehicles, and loaner vehicles. Temporary permits must be displayed. Temporary Permits are printed on standard paper and are to be placed on the driver’s side dash board visible/readable to NGU Campus Security.

15.  A student vehicle with the North Greenville “NU” state license plate is required to register their vehicle with Campus Security at the beginning of the semester. The student will receive a free parking permit for a vehicle with a “NU” state license plate. Proof of “NU” license plate for vehicle is required. Faculty and staff with the North Greenville “NU” state license plate must obtain a faculty/staff permit from Campus Security. The North Greenville “NU” license plate does not give the owner of the vehicle permission to park in faculty parking. These plates will also receive their parking permit free; however, the vehicle must be registered with the NGU security office.

16.  Temporary medical permits are available for documented needs. Documentation must come in the form of a prescription from your doctor or a note from the school nurse Kathy Bailey, University Doctor or the Head Athletic Trainer. These are temporary permits for the duration of the medical need as stated in the prescription. These medical permits allow parking in any legal space except State Mandated Handicapped spaces (blue lined spaces), reserved spaces, University President’s parking space, and Guests spaces.

17.  All newly purchased vehicles; that is, vehicles purchased during the school year, must be registered and a parking permit purchased to drive on campus.

18.  Permits are not to be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Permits are only valid for the vehicle on file. Swapping or sharing permits can result in the loss of driving privileges by Campus Security.

19.  Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are classified as vehicles and require the purchase of a NGU Parking Permit.

Towing Vehicles

The University reserves the right to have a vehicle towed; this includes but is not limited to circumstances of repeat or severe violation(s), constitutes a serious hazard, impedes traffic or operations, fire lane violation and abandonment. The owner of the vehicle is responsible to the towing company for any and all costs/charges related to towing and impounding of the vehicle. Abandoned vehicles will be towed in accordance with state law. The university is in no way liable for any damages or costs.


Bicycles, their ownership and operation, are governed by the laws of the State of South Carolina. North Greenville University allows students to possess and operate bicycles on Campus with the following conditions:

1.      All bicycles must be registered with Campus Security. The Permit is FREE. Come to Campus Security and bring a description of your bicycle and they will give you a permit sticker to place on your bicycle.

2.      The bicycle may be stored in the resident’s room provided the bicycles are free of dirt, mud and debris. The resident must also have their roommate’s permission to store the bicycle in the room. In the event the above is not satisfied, bicycles may be stored in designated areas outside the men’s and women’s residence halls.

3.      The bicycle must be parked in bike racks while on campus. Do not park or chain your bicycle to a door, light pole, in the shrubby, blocking an entrance or other such place that hinders movement of people or damages University property.

4.      When riding your bicycle, be courteous and respectful of others, especially pedestrians, by moving out of their way.

5.      Be aware of moving vehicles; do not dart in front of the vehicle, especially from between other vehicles, behind trees or other obstacles.

6.      North Greenville University enforces the bicycle traffic laws of the state of South Carolina (Section 16-13-80; section 16-21-70; Section 56-5-150; 56-5-160; Section 56-5-710; Section 56-5-3230; Section 56-5-3430; 56-5-3490 etc.) Note: Section 56-7-10 states that State Uniform Traffic Citations, i.e. Blue Tickets, can be written for bicycle violations.

Penalties and Paying Fines

NOTE: All tickets written are valid tickets.

1.     All fines must be paid within ten (10) calendar days of the issuance of the ticket. Payment of fines for Parking/Traffic Tickets is no longer done at the Business Office. All fines are to be paid on line through the NGU Campus Security Permit – Citation web page.

2.     Receive a discount off the ticket. If you pay your fine within five (5) calendar days of the issuance of the citation, you will receive a five dollar ($5.00) discount off your ticket.

3.     There is a late payment fee. If you pay your Parking/Traffic citation ten (10) calendar days after the issuance of the ticket, a ten dollar ($10.00) penalty will be added to your fine. The late payment fee will be strictly enforced.

4.     Appealing your ticket. If you want to appeal your ticket, you must place your appeals request within ten (10) calendar days of the issuance of the ticket. The first appeal is done on-line at the NGU Permit – Citation Web page. Your first documentation is done on line by clicking the appeal tab on the citation payment page of the NGU Campus Security Permit – Citation Web page. See the Appealing An NGU Parking/Traffic Ticket section of these regulations for more details.

5.     If your appeal is denied, you may appeal to The NGU Traffic Court. You must sign up on-line. You request a second appeal to your ticket and your name will be placed on the court docket and an e-mail sent to you with date and time. See below for when court is in session.  

6.      Campus Security will be using a new ticket writing system so that when a ticket is written, a copy of the ticket is printed out to place on the vehicle and a copy of the ticket is e-mailed to the offenders account.

7.      Any vehicle not having a permanent or temporary pass will be treated as a non-registered vehicle and will be ticketed and possibly “booted.”

8.      Vehicles with more than two unpaid tickets may be “booted” without notice on the third offense. North Greenville University Campus Security will, without notice, boot a vehicle under exigent circumstances.

9.      Vehicles will be “booted” or towed without notice if parked in any driveways or entrances.

10.  If a car is “booted,” a charge of $65.00 will be assessed. This is in addition to the regular fine. “Boot” fines must be paid before the “boot” is removed.

11.  If a boot is tampered with or removed by anyone except a North Greenville Security Officer, there is a $600.00 fine.

12.  No student who is delinquent in paying a traffic fine will be permitted to represent the University in any official or assigned capacity. This includes, but is not limited to, athletics, organizations, choral or band group and club participation. In accordance with the Enlightener, a ticket is delinquent if it has not been paid within 14 days of the tickets issuance.

13.  Student Services will be notified concerning any disciplinary action involving any student.

14.  No student will receive their exam pass if they are delinquent in paying their parking or traffic fines.

Appealing an NGU Parking/Traffic Ticket

Students, Faculty or Staff may appeal any NGU Campus Security citation for parking or traffic violation that has been issued to them. The appeal must be made within ten (10) calendar days of the issuance of the ticket

Reminder: The tickets written by North Greenville University Security Officers are legitimate tickets. Tickets are written for valid offenses.

1. STUDENT, FACULTY OR STAFF PERSON CAN APPEAL A TICKET TO OFFICER LYNNE GOSNELL. This is the first appeal and is done on-line through the NGU Permit – Citation Web page.  After going to the web page, go to the Appeals Citation aspect of the website, you will complete the form and click on the “Appeal This Citation,” then it will be e-mailed to Officer Gosnell. Officer Gosnell will make her determination concerning the ticket and fine. Then you will receive a response e-mail. If your appeal is approved and fee reduced or waived, Campus Security will make the adjustments in the citation of the web page. If the appeal is denied, you can appeal to the NGU Traffic Court (See Appealing Ticket Section 2 below) or pay the fine. Staff Sergeant Green can arrange an alternative means of restitution for those who are having verified financial difficulties. A good attitude will help with determination of alternative means of restitution. Staff Sergeant Danny Green can be normally contacted Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM and 2PM at Campus Security.

2. STUDENT CAN REQUEST A HIGHER APPEALS COURT: If the appeal is denied or if the student is not satisfied with the reduction and/or arrangements, the student can appeal to the NGU Traffic Court. Campus Security has established a rotating group of faculty and staff to function as judges and adjudicate the cases that come before it. The Student and The Sergeant over Parking and Traffic, Staff Sergeant Danny Green, will make statements and present evidence. Prior ticket history can and will be presented at the trial. If a student cannot be present for court, the student may fill out an Absentee Form to be presented to the court. The Absentee Form is located in the Docket Book at Campus Security.

NGU TRAFFIC COURT TIME AND PLACE: NGU Traffic Court will be in session starting the third Tuesday from the beginning of the classes in the semester. Court will meet every Tuesday until the last Tuesday before exams. The Court will begin session at 11AM and end session at 1PM. Students may sign-up for NGU Traffic Court at the Campus Security Office or come and sign-in at any time during the session. If the time expires for the session, the student will be placed at the top of the docket for the next court session. The NGU Traffic Court will hold court sessions in the Ferro Conference Room in the Student Center. If the venue for court changes, Campus Security will send a student body e-mail notification and/or signs will be posted in the Fero Conference Room as to the alternate meeting location.

AGREEMENT TO WORK OFF A FINE: If an agreement is made in Traffic Court with the Court to work off the fine, a student has 3 business days to contact the department they are assigned to work. The student has fourteen (14) days to complete the hours required to work off the fine from the day of contacting the assigned department.

AGREEMENT TO PAY FINE, WHETHER REDUCED OR FINE REMAINS THE SAME: Student must pay the fine within ten (10) days of the NGU Court date when the ticket was adjudicated. Payment is made on-line.

IF YOUR APPEAL IS DENIED: If you appeal to the NGU Traffic Court and you appeal is denied, you will be assessed a ten dollar ($10.00) court cost fee in addition to the fine of your ticket.

The findings and judgments of The NGU Traffic Court Judge are final.

There is no further appeal.

Fines for Violations of North Greenville University Regulations



























































Fines for State Uniform Traffic Citations

are set by the State of South Carolina.

State Code


Updated July 30, 2010


Roadside Bond

56-1 -190

Driver’s License not in possession while operating a vehicle


16 11-700

Dumping trash on highway or private property


56 –1 -510

Possession of an altered or fake Driver’s License or Identification Card



Use of an altered, fake or another person’s Driver’s License or Identification Card


56-1- 286

Under 21 with alcohol – zero tolerance


16 -17-500

Minor in possession of tobacco



Disobedience to authorized person directing traffic


16 -11 760

Parking on private property without permission

Set By Judge

16 -17-420

Disturbing schools



Trespassing-entering premises



Seat belt-not wearing a seat belt seat belt while driving



Reckless driving


Driving too fast for conditions


56-10-225 A

Insurance-no proof of insurance in the vehicle



Registration cards not in possession


56-5-750 A

Failure to stop motor vehicle when signaled by law enforcement vehicle



Parking in a handicapped parking space without proper permit



Failure to yield to emergency



Pedestrian yield to authorized emergency vehicles



Possession of Drug Paraphernalia



Hit and Run with Property Damage (Unattended Vehicle)



False Information to Law Enforcement



Following too Closely



Ref. 503.4

Fire Lane Violation



Disorderly Conduct







Important Notice: Students must pay all parking fines before they will be able to take their final exams.

Note: Parking regulations may be changed at any time to comply with State or Federal Law, or changed for construction purposes. – There will be an E-Mail notification sent to all students of any changes to the parking regulations.

Revised June11, 2015