The Cline School of Music : Piano Department

The Piano Department offers instruction to students of all levels, from elective beginners to senior piano performance majors. Current professors are Mr. Fabio Parrini (full-time), Dr. Lilia Stoytcheva (full-time), Ms. Kuo-Pei Cheng-Lin (adjunct accompanist), Stephen Griner (adjunct) and David Kiser (adjunct). As a NASM-accredited all-Steinway institution, the Cline School of Music is equipped to meet the needs of motivated piano students in their pursuit of Performance, Music Education, and Church Music degrees. Piano Department alumni are distinguishing themselves as graduate students, performers, ministers, and educators; current piano majors benefit from a challenging environment and frequent performance opportunities. Participation in off-campus performances and competitions is highly recommended.

The Piano Department also provides secondary piano instruction to other music majors and collaborative assistance to the other departments. Ensemble work is encouraged and closely supervised.

Students interested in auditioning should contact Mr. Fabio Parrini and refer to the following documents: