Policies & Special Cases | Admissions

Early Admission

Although students who have not graduated from high school are not recruited, some students who have completed their junior year are ready for college work.  Such students may be admitted upon the recommendation of the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Academic Standing Committee according to the following guidelines:

1.    Admission of high school seniors for one or more courses requires:

a.    Concurrent work toward completion of high school requirements must be in progress.
b.    A recommendation from the high school principal or counselor must be on file.
c.    A high school record which is sufficiently outstanding to predict success in college level courses.

2.    Admission without high school graduation requires:

a.    a. Evidence of completion of the junior year of high school.
b.    b. A written recommendation from the high school principal or counselor must be on file.
c.    c. SAT or ACT exam scores must be high enough to predict success in college work.

Special Student

An applicant who wishes to enroll in only a few classes for personal satisfaction, but who does not wish to pursue a degree, may be admitted as a special student.  An application and application fee are required.  No financial aid will be awarded.  Special students are limited to 6 hours of course work each semester up to a cumulative total of 18 hours unless granted an exception by the Registrar.

In order to go beyond 18 hours, a special student must be fully admitted (have transcripts sent to North Greenville University and take any required entrance tests).  Upon full acceptance into a degree program, the student may request that all coursework taken as a special student be applied to degree requirements.  The student must complete the “Request for Previous Courses to be Applied to Degree” form available in the office of the Registrar.  Submit the completed form to the Registrar.

Transient Student Admission

Students who are enrolled in another college or university who wish to take a limited number of courses at North Greenville University may do so as transient students.

To enroll in North Greenville University classes, the transient student must complete a North Greenville University application, pay the application fee, and present a transient student letter.  The transient student letter must list the courses to be taken at North Greenville University and an appropriate official at the transient student’s home institution must sign it.

No institutional financial aid is awarded to transient students.

Policy Concerning Students With Learning Disabilities (Academic Accommodations)

North Greenville University does not have special programs for learning disabled students, but an effort will be made to make accommodations necessary to allow those students to perform at their best.

Any student having an identified learning disability or other handicap that might affect academic performance should complete the form available in the Learning Disabilities Liaison Office. Instructors who suspect that a student has a disability should advise the liaison office.

In order for special arrangements to be made, the student must provide to the learning disability liaison office:

  1. A current medical evaluation of the physical or emotional disability (completed within three years of the request) from a licensed physician or psychiatrist; or
  2. A current evaluation of a specific learning disability (completed within three years of request) from a licensed psychologist or certified school psychologist.

The evaluation must identify a specific disability and contain specific recommendations for assisting the student.  The student must request in writing each semester of enrollment that accommodations be made and authorize release of evaluation information to appropriate faculty and staff.  A form will be provided for this purpose.

Additional Documentation

Prior to initial registration, all students must have on file with the Office of Student Services a signed “New Beginnings” form and a completed Health Form.  The Health Form must include verification of immunization. No student may register for classes without verification of required immunization.