Prayer Needs

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Paul Thompson, Dean of the College of Humanities, asks that we pray for his mother, Mary Thompson, who will have hip replacement surgery at St. Francis Eastside on Thursday morning.  (Posted 1/12/2016)

Pray that our entire NGU family will be open and responsive to the gospel as we begin a new semester.  May we be salt and light in a world that is so often dark and tasteless. (Posted 1/12/2016)

Matthew Moore, a sophomore at NGU who plays on our basketball team, one of his younger brothers, Nathan, passed away unexpectedly.  (Posted 1/12/2016)

Kenny Hilliard, who graduated in 2007, was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem that doctors believe could be malignant.  (Posted 1/12/2016)

Tara Farmer, Philís (Campus Enhancement) wife has cancer.  (Posted 1/5/2016)

Tina Wellsí (Registrarís Office) husband, Tim, pray for a kidney donor (Posted 12/11/2015)

Ron Phelps, a leader in the CMSF for several years, as he is undergoing treatment for leukemia (Updated 11/24/2015)

Cathy Weaver, Michaelís (School of Fine Arts) wife has cancer.  (Posted 11/14/2015)

Steve Crouse (Campus Ministries) and his wife Martha ask for your prayers for David Carroll, Marthaís sisterís (Connie) husband, David has been has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  (Updated 10/17/2015)

Pray for missionaries living in dangerous areas that are threatened by ISIS and other radical Islamist (Posted 9/11/2015)

Barbara McCormick has a bone marrow disorder.

Cathy Sepko, (Professor of English), blood disorder

Spiritual Awakening - Pray that many will open their lives to Christ, on our campus, in our nation, and around the world.

Dr. Randall Pannell, our Interim President, during this time of transition.  Also, continue to pray for our Board of Trustees and for the search for our next President.