At North Greenville University (NGU), the Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology has a two-fold purpose:

  • To fully train and academically prepare the student for future work in secular as well as ministry-based professions.  The curriculum will provide the student with traditional undergraduate courses in psychology including personality theory, psychological testing, psychopharmacology, and biological psychology and will also introduce the student to the field of counseling.  A career in professional counseling requires more than a bachelor’s degree.  The successful NGU graduate in psychology will be well-equipped to pursue graduate school in order to practice as a psychologist or work in a related field.
  • To offer an academically sound psychology degree in a distinctly Christian atmosphere.  A psychology major with a Christian emphasis would provide a better foundation for helping others with complex personal issues.  The relationship between religious faith and positive mental health is often ignored or denigrated in the field of psychology.  The NGU curriculum includes special courses such as Foundations of Christian Psychology in which biblical as well as psychological insights are combined to better prepare the student to serve in the professional field of mental health.  The Christian faculty members have extensive clinical experience in private practices as well as educational, research, and Christian ministry settings. 

Admission to the Psychology Program:

Students must apply to the Psychology Advisory Committee for admission into the psychology program.  Application cannot be made until after the student’s freshman year (minimum 30 credit hours).  Admission to North Greenville University does not guarantee admission to the psychology degree program. 

The successful applicant must have the following:

  • An overall minimum 2.0 GPA;
  • A “C” or better in such courses as Psychology 2310, Christian Studies 1310 and 1320, Biology 1410 and 1435, and English 1310 and 1320.

The successful prospective graduate must pass all major courses including psychology electives and supporting courses with a grade of “C” or better.

General Education Requirements

COLL 1100 or HNRS 1210    1 (2) hours
BIOL 1410/1411    4 hours
BIOL 1435/1436    4 hours
CHST 1310, 1320    6 hours
COMM 2300    3 hours
CSCI 1305    3 hours
ENGL 1310, 1320    6 hours
ENGL 23XX    3 hours
ENGL 23XX, ARTS 1300, MUSC 1300, or THTR 1300    3 hours
HIST 1350 or 1360    3 hours
MATH 1310, 1330    6 hours
PHED 1200    2 hours
PSYC 2310    3 hours

Total General Education Requirements    47-48 hours

Required Psychology Major Courses

PSYC 2340  Principles of Social Science Research and Writing    3 hours
PSYC 2350  Human Growth and Development    3 hours
PSYC 2360  Foundations of Christian Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 2365  Psychology of Learning    3 hours
PSYC 3300  Statistics for the Social Sciences    3 hours
PSYC 3320  Theories of Personality    3 hours
PSYC 3330 Social Psychology (cross referenced as SOCY 3330)    3 hours
PSYC 3360  Abnormal Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 3370  Biological Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 3380  Psychological Tests and Measures    3 hours
PSYC 4310 History and Systems of Psychology    3 hours

Total Psychology Major Course Requirements    33 hours

Elective Courses for Psychology Majors

(must choose six of the following)

EDUC 3350  The Exceptional Child    3 hours
PSYC 2375  Dynamics of Small Group Interaction    3 hours
PSYC 2385  Adolescent Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 2395  Psychology of Health and Illness    3 hours
PSYC 3310  Current Problems in Childhood and Adolescence    3 hours
PSYC 3350  Grief and Loss Counseling    3 hours
PSYC 4320  Literature of Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 4330  Psychopharmacology    3 hours
PSYC 4340 Psychology of Religion    3 hours
PSYC 4350 Cognitive Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 4380  Independent Research    3 hours
SPTM 2340  Psychology and Sociology of Sports    3 hours

Total Electives Required for Psychology Degree (Choose 6)          18 hours

Supporting Courses for Psychology Degree

SOCY 2000-4000 level Sociology Electives    3 hours
SOCY 3310  Marriage and the Family    3 hours
PSYC 2370  Introduction to Counseling    3 hours
PSYC 3305  Research Methods in Social Science    3 hours
PSYC 3340  Premarital and Marital Counseling    3 hours
PSYC 4390  Senior Seminar    3 hours

Total     18 hours

Total General Education Requirements    47-48 hours
Total Major Course Requirements    33 hours
Total Psychology Electives    18 hours
Total Supporting Courses    18 hours
Total Other Electives    15 hours
Total Hours for Degree    131-132 hours

In addition to the required hours for the psychology degree, all students at North Greenville University must earn one credit for Chapel and Cultural Events (0.5 credit each per semester) for every semester of full-time enrollment up to a maximum of 8 credit hours.