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The Office of Communications coordinates all media releases, media interviews, advertising placement, etc. for the entire university except for Athletics which is jointly coordinated by the Office of Communications and the Sports Information Department. Members of the campus community often have great ideas for possible media stories – from student accomplishments to art shows, theatre auditions to innovative teaching technologies, from freshman year to senior graduation, community outreach to campus events – there are so many positive stories to share about North Greenville University!

If you have an event or program to promote, please contact the Office of Communications at least two weeks prior to the actual event to ensure appropriate media coverage.

Once media releases have been written and approved, they are distributed to various media outlets across the region, depending on the scope of the story. Media releases are posted on the University’s home page and are often used in other University publications. Additionally, depending on the type of news, the releases can be forwarded to appropriate community leaders in the Upstate.

While the Office of Communications makes every attempt to secure media coverage for your event or program, we have no control over what the media will actually cover. Various factors such as breaking news events, other developing stories or different reporter assignments often factor in to what the newspapers and television stations decide to cover. We often don’t know until the last minutes if a reporter and/or camera crew will arrive to cover an event or program.

When members of the news media are working on a story, LaVerne Howell, Director of Communications, is the official contact for the university. Media will be quickly referred to the appropriate faculty, staff or student for quotes, story background, and follow-up.

Note: The Office of Communications is the only department on campus that is to issue media releases and/or contact media outlets for coverage.

In addition, the Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for the publication of any printed materials distributed off-campus. Close coordination with each department is made in the creating, design, and printing of a publication. A NGU Brand & Style Guide is available on the NGU website for reference.


Media Guidelines for Campus Visits

If you are a member of the media interested in interviewing, photographing, recording or taping any of the administrators, faculty, staff, students, events or facilities of North Greenville University, we strongly encourage you to notify the Office of Communications and facilitate the visit by calling (864) 977-7013. Media passes for sporting events can be obtained from the Office of Sports Information at (864) 977-7157. Prior to arrival, we request that you provide your name, organization, contact information, deadline and a detailed description of the story you are working on.  Unauthorized visitors may be stopped by campus security.

North Greenville University provides the news media reasonable access to campus. However, the university may regulate media access so as not to disrupt teaching or campus events; to protect the health and safety of students and staff; to protect the privacy of students and others who live on campus; and to comply with state and federal laws on student and personnel data.

Parking: Reporters and news crews should call the Office of Communications to coordinate parking, which will be closest to the area or event on campus they wish to visit. If your vehicle is not marked with a station or publication logo, place a media business card on the driver's side of the dashboard.

Endorsed by Executive Council

May 29, 2012

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