Robert Bradley Vitae


 Robert Bradley MS, ATC, SCAT



1995 Bachelor of Science in Health Management; emphasis in athletic training

Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO.

1999 Masters of Science in Kinesiology; emphasis in sports medicine

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA.

2009 - 2014  Doctorate in Sports Management with emphasis in Sports Medicine. 

United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL.

42 hours completed. GPA 3.836

Work Experience/Job Responsibilities:

2009 – Present

                        Head Athletic Trainer, Adjunct faculty, NCAA compliance officer

                        North Greenville University             


Program Director, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

                        Lander University                     

2004 – 2008

                        Program Director, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

                        Sterling College                

1999 – 2004

                        Head Athletic Trainer, Instructor.

                        Hillsdale College     

Research Experience:

Perceived Barriers for Females to Engage in Regular Weight Training. Psychology of Human Behavior, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL. 2009.

Punishment Motivation in Sport, Sports Leadership Principles, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL. 2009.

Gambling and Athletic Training Students, Ethics in Sports, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL. 2009

Assessment of Current Evaluation and Grading of Psychomotor Skills in Accredited Athletic Training Programs.  Department of Health and Kinesiology, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA.  1999-2000

Risk Management Principles, Seminar in Sports Medicine Management, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL. 2011

Early Departure of Female Athletic Trainers from the Profession of Athletic Training, Current Literature in Sport, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL. 2012

Survey Return Rates for Athletic Trainers from 2008 to 2011, Sports Marketing Research, United States Sports Academy, Daphne, AL. 2012

Doctoral Coursework

United States Sports Academy

            SAB 700: Current Literature in Sport: Final Grade: (A-)

            SAB 768: Psychology of Human Behavior: (A-)

            SAM 634: Ethics in Sport: (A)

            SAM 644: Sports Marketing Research: (A)

            SAM 660: Financial Aspects of Sports: (A)

            SAM 662: Sports Entrepreneurship: (B+)

            SAM 682: Facilities Planning in Sports: (A)

            SAM 730: Sports Leadership Principles: (A)

            SAM 786: Legal Aspects of Sport: (A)

            SAM 787: Legal Concepts of Sports Medicine: (A+)

            SAM 788: Principles of Management in Sports Medicine: (A+)

            SAM 789: Seminar in Sports Medicine Management Issues: (A)

            SAR 674: Research Statistics in Sport: (B+)

            SAR 776: Advanced Research Methods: (A-)


            Bradley, R. (2010). A Comparison of Athletic Training Program Financial Resources. The Sport Journal, 13(1).

            Bradley, R. (2007, August 30). Freshman fifteen: fact or fiction? The Forum, p. 3.

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            Bradley, R. (2008, January 31). Heat vs. cold: Which is better for your injury? The Forum, p.05.

Bradley, R. (2008, February 14). Rock Your Crocs: Tips for spotting good athletic shoes. The Forum, p. 6.

Teaching Experience:

            North Greenville University

                        HLPW 1300: Introduction to Health

                        PHED 1100: Weightlifting

                        PHED 1190: Skiing

                        PHED 1200: Concepts of Fitness

                        PHED 2310: Athletic Training and Rehabilitation

                        SPTM 2330: History and Philosophy of Sport

                        SPTM 3315: College Athletics

                        SPTM 3330: Sport Law


            Lander University:  CAATE Accredited Institution  

                        PEES 144: Beginning Weight Training

                        PEES 175: Wellness For Life

                        PEES 199: Adult CPR and First Aid

                        PEES 221: Fundamental Concepts in Athletic Training

PEES 308: Organization and Administration of Exericise-Related Professionals

                        PEES 310: Kinesiology and Exercise Biomechanics

                        PEES 328: Therapy and Techniques of Therapeutic Modalities


            Sterling College:  CAATE Accredited Institution

                        AT 242  Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries

                        AT 243  Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Lab

                        AT 315  Therapeutic Exercise

                        AT 430  Therapeutic Modalities

                        AT 435  Administration of Athletic Training

                        AT 440  Developementation and Implementation of Strength and Fitness Programs

                        AT 450  Pharmacology for the Athletic Trainer

                        AT 495  Practicum VI

                        ES 221  Personal and Community Health

                        ES 370  Kinesiology

                        ES 420  Exercise Physiology

                        ES 360  Principles of Nutrition

                        GD 105  Foundations of Servant Leadership

            Hillsdale College:

                        PED 280 Safety and First Aid

                        PED 350 Health Science

                        PED 390 Basic Athletic Training

                        PED 475 Advanced Athletic Training

                        PED 480 School of Health


Certified Athletic Trainer

National Athletic Trainers Association, BOC.

Certification   # 129602421

Certification Date: December 1996


South Carolina Licensed Athletic Trainer

License # 00456

Department of Health & Enviromental Control


BOC; Certified Instructor Educator (2005)



National Athletic Trainers Association, 1993

Certified Member   # 930060

Related Experiences:

Examiner for the Oral Practical portion of BOC certification examination.  1999, 2001-2003.

Co-Author of, “Clinical Evaluations in Athletic Training”, In house evaluation and teaching model for undergraduate students, Georgia Southern University.  1998-1999


Additional Academic Responsibilities:

Chair of the Division of Professional Studies, 2006-2007

Chair of Research and Education for the NAIA Athletic Trainers Society