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The North Greenville University refund policy will be as follows:

1) To receive a refund, a student must officially withdraw. Charges shall continue up to the day the student starts the official withdrawal process. The student must contact Student Services to begin the official withdrawal process.

2) Tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule:
Regular Semester                                   Summer School
Before classes begin - 100%                  Before classes begin - 100%
During 1st week - 75%                          During 1st day - 75%
During 2nd week - 50%                         During 2nd day - 50%
After 2nd week - 0%                             After 2 days - 0%

This policy applies to all students, i.e., commuters, residents, full-time, and part-time.

3) There will be no refund of fees.

4) There will be no refund of the room and board fee after a student officially checks into the residence hall.

5) Federal funds shall be returned in accordance with federal policies at the time of withdrawal. Students withdrawing prior to completion of 60% of a semester may owe additional funds due to the loss of Federal aid. Students are urged to consider this factor prior to making the decision to withdraw from school.

6) Institutional aid shall be prorated by the same schedule as mentioned in Item #2 above.

7) Private scholarships will be used to pay any remaining balance.

If you have any questions, please contact the NGU Financial Aid Office.

(Revised 04/06/2015)

2015-2016 EXAMPLE
Full-time, resident student with SC Tuition Grant, Pell, Stafford Loan, and some institutional aid. Student withdraws during the 3rd week of classes:

Charges: $12,965.00

Financial Aid:
SCTG $1550.00

Pell 2600.00

Stafford 2700.00

NGUG 500.00

Football 3000.00

Cash paid 2615.00

Results of withdrawal:

Charges: $12,965.00

Financial Aid:

SCTG (1550.00)

NGUG (500.00)

Football (3000.00)

Pell (520.00)

Total Financial Aid: (5570.00)

Cash paid (2615.00)

Total Credit (8185.00)

Amount Due to NGU $4780.00