Risen From the Ashes

A Documentary Film Shot, Produced & Directed by Shur Gopal, Instructor, NGU Mass Communication.  




About the Documentary

Over a year in the making, Risen From the Ashes is the contemporary history of North Greenville University from a unique perspective - the very words of those who witnessed the transformation of the institution.

Dr. Jimmy Epting tells the tale himself many times in his public appearances. He's been the administrative and spiritual leader of the University for nearly a quarter of a century. One might think that if anyone had "heard it all before" - it would be the man who's been the university's storyteller so many times to new audiences, and to congregations yet to "meet" NGU.

But when Dr. Epting screened Risen From the Ashes - he was himself visibly moved. It presents such a strong testimony, that it even touches the heart of one of the chief architects of NGU's 'Rise.' This is yet another way we can know that the work being done here may be spear-headed by Jimmy Epting, but it's the hand of God that makes things happen.

Plans are in the works to broadcast Risen From the Ashes far and wide, on local channels in the Upstate, via satellite, and on many Christian networks around the country, not to mention the Internet. This movie will be distributed to many on DVD. It will be a lasting part of NGU's history, and a big part of introducing the University to people who will influence its future.

Millions upon millions of people around the nation and around the world will be meeting North Greenville through this film - but before any of that comes to pass, we will show it to our family. That's YOU! We want you to be among the first to see this production, and celebrate with us both the great works of God this film documents, and the bond of love our fair institution has forged, which made this documentary possible.