Secondary Education Degree

Field experiences in all secondary programs are course-based.  In order to fulfill the South Carolina State Department of Education requirement for 100 hours field experience prior to student teaching, thirty hours of field experience are completed prior to admission to a program.  Candidates complete 20 hours of field experience in EDUC 1210, Introduction to Education, and 10 hours in EDUC 3410, Educational Psychology.  Upon admission to the program, candidates must complete the assigned number of hours for each field experience as specified by course.  Candidates are supervised by the cooperating teacher; formative and summative assessments in field experience courses prior to student teaching will be determined collaboratively by the cooperating teaching and the university professor.  Courses and their required field experience hours are included in the list of course requirements for majors in all secondary education programs: English Language Arts, Mathematics Education, and Social Studies Education.



English Language Arts Field Experience Handbook

Social Studies Field Experience Handbook

Mathematics Education Field Experience Handbook