Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education

Successfully completing the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Social Studies Education prepares the graduate to become a South Carolina-certified secondary (9-12) Social Studies teacher.  Jointly supported by the College of Education, the close advisement and rigorous coursework of this program prepares students to meet all state requirements for certification.  In addition to the program explained below, prospective teachers must pass the state-mandated PRAXIS exams to earn South Carolina certification.  PRAXIS exams are the responsibility of the student, but the professor will review and remind students about exemptions and requirements.

Following the fourth semester of coursework students must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program.  Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program is required before taking many of the required EDUC courses.  Listed below are the admission requirements:

General admission requirements to NGUís secondary education program:

  • Pass the Praxis I exam (or meet the stateís SAT or ACT equivalency score)
  • Complete a minimum of 45 credit hours.
  • Earn a C or better in each of the following courses:  ENGL 1310, ENGL 1320, COMM 2300, and all EDUC courses.
  • Maintain an accumulated, overall GPA of 2.5 or better based on  a 4.0 scale.
  • Recommendations from the professor for EDUC 1210 and the Dean of the College of Education, or designee.
  • Students must also submit an application for admission which includes Assessment of Dispositions (AOD) forms from two faculty members and two writing samples.
  • Be approved by the faculty of the College of Education and the Teacher Education Committee.

Additional admission requirements for the B.S. in Social Studies Education.

  • Complete 5 more credit hours than the general admission requirements, for a total of 50 semester hours of undergraduate studies.  These 50 hours must include at least 12 hours of classes with a HIST prefix, and 12 hours from the Social Studies Core.
  • Earn a C or higher in all HIST prefix classes (includes all History courses in the History Core as well as those listed under General Education), and in all Social Studies Core classes.
  • Have satisfactorily completed the 30 hours of field observations required in EDUC 1210 and 3410.
  • Follow the Suggested Course Sequence.

Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education

General Education Requirements:

COLL 1100 or HNRS 1210    1(2) hours
ENGL 1310 and 1320, Comp & Rhetoric; Comp & Lit.    6 hours
ENGL 3332, World Literature II    3 hours
MUSC 1320, Introduction to the History of Music and Art    3 hours
HIST 1350 and 1360, Western Civilization    6 hours
COMM 2300, Oral Communication    3 hours
BIOL XXXX, Biology Elective    4 hours
PHSC XXXX, Physical Science Elective    4 hours
PHED 1200, Concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness    2 hours
CHST 1310 or 1320, Old or New Testament    3 hours
CHST 2335, World Religions    3 hours
MATH 1315 or higher level    3 hours

Total    41-42 hours

Social Studies Core:

PLSC 1300, Introduction to Political Science    3 hours
PLSC 2310, American National Government    3 hours
PSYC 2310, General Psychology    3 hours
PSYC 2385, Adolescent Psychology    3 hours
ECON 2310, Principles of Macroeconomics    3 hours
ECON 2320, Principles of Microeconomics    3 hours
GEOG 2310, Introduction to Geography    3 hours
SOCY 2310, Introduction to Sociology    3 hours
CHST 4315, Cultural Anthropology for InterculturalvStudies  3 hours

Total    27 hours

History Core (30 hrs.):

Required History Courses (18 hrs.)

HIST 2310, United States History to 1865    3 hours
HIST 2320, United States History Since 1865    3 hours
HIST 2360, Introduction to Historical Research and Writing  3 hours
HIST 3360, History of Science, Technology, and Society    3 hours
HIST 4390, Senior Seminar    3 hours
SSED 4310, Methods in Secondary Social Studies Education

(30 hours field experience)                        3 hours

History Electives (12 hours)

Western Civilization Electives (select 3):  3300, 3310, 3311,
   3312, 3315, 3320, 3330, 3331, 3332, 3340, 3344, 3346,
   3349, 3350, 3356, 3365, 3371, 3372, 3373, 3376, 3390,
   4350, 4360                                9 hours
Non-Western Civilization Electives (select 1):  2331, 3375,
   4301  3 hours

Total History Hours (core plus electives): 30 hours

Education Requirements:

EDUC 1210, Introduction to Education (20 hours Field experience)  2 hours
EDUC 1215, Integration of Technology    2 hours
EDUC 2230, Foundations of Education    2 hours
EDUC 3290, Curriculum Development    2 hours
EDUC 3350, The Exceptional Learner    3 hours
EDUC 3410, Educational Psychology (10 hours field Experience)  4 hours
*EDUC 3395, Reading in Content Area (30 hours field
   Experience)                                3 hours
*EDUC 4340, Classroom Assessment and Management
   (10 hours field experience)                        3 hours
*EDUC 4600, Directed Student Teaching    12 hours
Total    33 hours
*Prerequisite:  Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program

Total Hours for the Social Studies Education Degree:
Total General Education Requirements    41-42 hours
Total Social Studies Core Requirements    27 hours
Total History Requirements    30 hours
Total Education Requirements    33 hours
Total Degree Requirements    131-132 hours