The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics offers a B.A. major as well as a minor in Spanish. 


The Spanish major is 135-136 credit hours and prepares the student to work in a variety of fields using the Spanish Language. The student will take 7 courses in Spanish beyond the Spanish Minor to complete the major. There are also two required courses in Linguistics as part of the Major. Opportunities for study abroad are available and encouraged. The capstone course for Spanish majors is: SPAN 4390, Spanish Senior Seminar.


The pre-requisite for a minor in Spanish is either the completion or the placing out of Spanish 1310, 1320, 2310, and 2320 or 2325.

Core courses required for all Spanish minors:
SPAN 2330, Intermediate Spanish Conversation 3 hours
SPAN 2360, Intermediate Spanish Grammar & Composition 3 hours
Subtotal 6 hours

Select four of the following courses:
SPAN 3335, Introduction to Spanish Literature 3 hours
SPAN 3310, Advanced Business Spanish I 3 hours
SPAN 3320, Advanced Business Spanish II 3 hours
SPAN 3340, Masterpieces of Spanish Literature1 3 hours
SPAN 3350, Cultural Study of a Spanish Speaking Country1 3 hours
SPAN 3100, 3200, 3300 Special Topics 3 hours
SPAN 3330, Trip to a Native Speaking Spanish Environment1 3 hours
SPAN 3360, Advanced Spanish Conversation 3 hours
SPAN 3365, Advanced Spanish Grammar & Composition 3 hours
SPAN 3370, A Book of the Holy Bible in Spanish 3 hours
SPAN 3375, Spanish Speaking Culture and Civilization 3 hours
SPAN 3380, Spanish Linguistics 3 hours
SPAN 3390, Medical Spanish 3 hours
SPAN 3395, Missions Spanish 3 hours
SPAN 4310, Spanish Phonetics 3 hours
SPAN 4320, Spanish Linguistics 3 hours

Subtotal 12 hours

Total 18 hours

1This course may be taken more than once as long as the topic of the course is different.