Sport Management Degree Requirements

The Sport Management program at North Greenville University offers a liberal arts curriculum that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management.  The program prepares men and women to take the Gospel to the sport profession from a Christ-centered, Biblically-based environment, utilizing a nationally accredited curriculum to educate future sport leaders and managers.

The goals of the Sport Management degree at North Greenville University are that its graduates demonstrate:

  • The leadership and management skills necessary to provide successful leadership in the Sport Management profession;
  • Expertise in specific areas of Sport Management, such as marketing, law, liability, finance, emergency management, leadership, communication, administration, and facility and program management;
  • A practical knowledge of Christian ethics in a Sport Management setting;
  • The ability to integrate and analyze professional literature concerning facility and program management planning.

North Greenville University’s Sport Management degree has achieved international approval through the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) and national accreditation through the National Association for Sport and Physical Education of the American Alliance for the Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD).

A minimum of 129 hours is required for the Sport Management degree plus 1 hour for chapel and cultural events each full-time semester.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

General Education Requirements

COLL 1100 or HNRS 1210    1 (2) hours
ENGL 1310, 1320    6 hours
ENGL (2000 level) or ARTS/MUSC/THTR 1300    3 hours
HIST 1350 or 1360    3 hours
MATH 1310, 1330    6 hours
PHED 1200    2 hours
PSYC 2310 or SOCY 2310    3 hours
CHST 1310, 1320    6 hours
COMM 2300    3 hours

Total    44-45 hours

Business Supporting Courses

ACCT 2310 and 2320, Accounting I & II    6 hours
BUSN 3330, Human Resource Management    3 hours
CSCI 1305, Introduction to Information Technology.    3 hours
ECON 2310, Macro    3 hours
MCOM 1310, Media Technology    3 hours

Total    18 hours

Sport Management Major Course Requirements

SPTM 1310, Introduction to Sport Management    3 hours
SPTM 2320, Sport Economics    3 hours
SPTM 2330, History and Philosophy of Sport    3 hours
SPTM 2340, Psychology and Sociology of Sport    3 hours
SPTM 2395, Sport Organization & Administration    3 hours

All Sport Management majors must successfully complete SPTM 1310, 2320, 2330, 2340 and 2395 prior to taking any 3000 and 4000 level courses.

SPTM 3315, College Athletics    3 hours
SPTM 3325, Sport Ethics    3 hours
SPTM 3330, Sport Law    3 hours
SPTM 3335, Sport Liability and Risk Control    3 hours
SPTM 3340, Sport Recreation, and Wellness Program Development    3 hours
SPTM 3350, Sport Communications    3 hours
SPTM 3355, Sport Emergency Management    3 hours
SPTM 3360, Sport Finance and Fundraising    3 hours
SPTM 4310, Sport Facility Design and Management    3 hours
SPTM 4320, Sport Marketing, Sales & Promotion    3 hours
SPTM 4355, Sport Leadership and Staff Development    3 hours
SPTM 4360, International Sport Management    3 hours
SPTM 4380, Seminar in Sport Management    3 hours
SPTM 3000 or 4000 Level Elective    3 hours
SPTM 4390, Directed Internship in Sport Management    12 hours

Total    69 hours

All course work must be successfully completed before taking Directed Internship, SPTM 4390.

Total General Education Requirements    44-45 hours
Total Business Supporting Courses    18 hours
Total Major Course Requirements    69 hours
Total Hours for Degree    131-132 hours

All students at North Greenville University must earn one credit for Chapel and Cultural Events for each semester of full-time enrollment for a total of 8 credits.

A minimum of 131 hours is required for the Sport Management degree plus 1 hour for chapel and cultural events for each full-time semester.