Sport Management Program Overview


The sport industry, the fourth largest business in the United States, continues to grow rapidly on a global scale in sport, recreation, leisure, tourism, and health & fitness, and the products and services supplying these areas have expanded even faster.  Without question, the sport profession is growing horizontally and vertically at a lightning pace, while simultaneously it has become more complex and diversified.

As a result, the top organizations in the sport industry are increasingly looking for tomorrow's leaders to have specialized management training geared toward the sport product.


NGU’s undergraduate Sport Management Programs provide professional preparation for administrative, management, and leadership positions with professional sports teams, intercollegiate athletic programs, sports facilities, amateur athletic organizations, health and fitness organizations, and sporting events and tournaments.  We also feature specialized services including fitness training, marketing, sport representation, communication, and management. 

The SPTM program trains students for a variety of sport-related careers within the sport profession. Our three degree options adhere to the guidelines and standards created by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), which was established by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM).


North Greenville students learn both the theoretical foundations of Sport Management and the applied nature of the sport industry.   Our diverse curriculum includes classes from a variety of disciplines:

  • Sport Promotion, Sport Law, Sport Operations Management/Event and Venue Management, Financial Aspects of Sport, Sport Facilities, Administration in Fitness and Sport, Economics of Sport, Accounting Principles, Microeconomics, Principles of Marketing, Behavior and Theory in Organizations, and Professional Communication.

Students with a passion for sport can combine that love with a well-developed comprehension of the business enterprise necessary to run a successful organization or pursue a ministry emphasis – and that can be learned by enrolling in the most cost-effective and comprehensive Sport Management program, at NGU!

Juan Antonio Samaranch, former President of the International Olympic Committee stated, “Effective sport leaders must have sport management knowledge and preparation.” 

With a degree in Sport Management at NGU, students receive the educational foundation and the practical experience necessary to gain access to a career in this competitive industry.



Success in the sports business today depends on a deeper knowledge of finance, marketing, economics, communication, and sales, so the NGU Sport Management curriculum emphasizes courses in accounting, economics, and business administration to meet this need.  This heavy business concentration within the academic experience enhances the students' general business knowledge, which makes them a better candidate in today’s highly competitive job market.