TML Staff, Cont'd


Megan Morrow

 Art Editor

I am originally from Kentucky, but my family moved to South Carolina when I was ten. I graduated from Fort Mill High School and spent the summer before my freshman year of college in India, where God showed me a love for missions. Since then I have gone to India again and also to Haiti. Right now I am an Art Major at NGU. I have always loved art, ever since I can remember, and I want to use that talent to illustrate books one day (since I love those too).


Natasha Bass

Business/PR Rep

Hi my name is Natasha Bass. I am currently a Senior at NGU, and I am majoring in International Business. I like candy canes and pink ponies!


Lawrence Fowler

Art and Literature

I'm a Senior Intercultural Studies major. I dabble in poetry, art, and knitting. Slam poetry/spoken word is my favorite medium of poetry. My favorite thing to do is play ukulele. I've spent part of the summer in China and the rest living in Myrtle Beach. My biggest fear is tied between an unlived life and dinosaurs. My heroes are Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Mary Oliver is one of my fav poets. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my fav short story writer. If I had to chose a superpower, it would be flying.