TML Staff

Dr. Deborah DeCiantis

Faculty Advisor and Editor

(Ph.D., University of Rochester), Associate Professor of English, has advised The Mountain Laurel since the 2006-07 academic year. Her love of literature and background in student media publications including newspaper and yearbook led to this assignment, which she considers a labor of love. Working with student editors and staff to foster, collect, edit, and present representative student writing and art of high quality brings many challenges and surprises each year. Since accepting the adviser role with The Mountain Laurel, Dr. DeCiantis has re-instituted outside judging and cash prizes for top entries, a practice of some earlier advisers which had been dropped, and has initiated professional critiquing of each issue by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (2007 – 2010 issues), adding a second critique by the Associate Collegiate Press in 2010.


Melissa Weaver


An English major at NGU, I'm minoring in French (but only on the days when I'm good at it!), and I enjoy bookstore clearance sales—adding as many classic novels as possible to my bookshelves. A native of Charleston, SC, I love music (especially British), writing poetry, trying on ridiculous hats, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and hitting the beach during summer.  C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors, once wrote: “…No man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”


Celeste Hawkins

Assistant Editor

I enjoy anything to do with books, photography, and TML. As a Secondary Ed: English senior, I get a lot of reading assignments, but I also like to read for fun - especially YA Lit and anything suitable for my five-year-old niece at bedtime. My favorite photography branch is travel photography. I take plenty of pictures of my home state: NC! My most exhilarating moments at ML meetings include laughing at other staff members and making grammar changes to lit submissions. After all, I'd love to be an editor one day. However, meetings come in second as my favorite part of being on TML. I love our mission of creating art and literature that reflect truth, the world, redemption, and God's nature.


Megan Morrow

 Art Editor

I am originally from Kentucky, but my family moved to South Carolina when I was ten. I graduated from Fort Mill High School and spent the summer before my freshman year of college in India, where God showed me a love for missions. Since then, I have gone to India again and also to Haiti. Right now I am an Art major at NGU. I have always loved art, ever since I can remember, and I want to use that talent to illustrate books one day (since I love those, too).


Natasha Bass

Business/PR Rep

I am currently a senior at NGU, and I am majoring in International Business. I like candy canes and pink ponies!


Lawrence Fowler

Art and Literature

I'm a senior Intercultural Studies major. I dabble in poetry, art, and knitting. Slam poetry/spoken word is my favorite medium of poetry. My favorite thing to do is play the ukulele. I spent part of the past summer in China and the rest living in Myrtle Beach. My biggest fear is tied between an unlived life and dinosaurs. My heroes are Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. Mary Oliver is one of my fav poets. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is my fav short story writer. If I had to choose a superpower, it would be flying.


Stephanie Gayle


I'm a senior English major with a minor in Music. I love to write and read (I'm a huge Ted Dekker fan). I'm also a member of Joyful Sound.


Wendy Greve

Art and Literature

I am a junior English major from Winston-Salem, NC. I also enjoy graphic design and served as the Aurora yearbook editor 2009-2010. It's a privilege to work on The Mountain Laurel this year, and I can't wait to see how it turns out!


Brandon Seabrook Nelson


I am a Studio Art major (with emphasis in drawing) and Youth Ministry minor.


Lydia Osbrink


I am a senior Interdisciplinary major between Literature and Linguistics. I have moved 30 times but have spent most of my life in Paris, France. I adore art, reading poetry, and traveling, among fifty-some other hobbies. 


Stephanie Roach


I am a junior English Language Arts: Secondary Ed. major. I'm from Gastonia, NC. I am a huge basketball girl, and I love playing and watching the game! I enjoy being with and relaxing with friends.


Blake Wasson


I'm a third year senior (super-senior) Intercultural Studies major here at NGU. I'm from Danville, IL. I'm an RA in Chinquapin 153. I transferred to NGU last spring and am glad to be back this year.
I've been involved in art and sports most of my life. I've done virtually all types of art works. I grew up playing soccer and still do whenever I get the chance. I'm also into rock climbing, hiking, rugby, and just spending good time with friends and family. I'm glad I have the privilege to work on The Mountain Laurel staff this year!


Christine Parks

Art and Literature

I am a senior at North Greenville University, studying Interdisciplinary Studies with Visual Communications and English/Literature. I love God, His Word, people, communication, photography, and worship (especially through the piano). I have been privileged with several opportunities to grow in each of the areas I love. Being on The Mountain Laurel staff is one of those opportunities.