The Cline School of Music: Strings Department

Welcome to the Cline School of Music String Department. The string department offers advanced and passionate string students the opportunity to learn from professional Christian performing artists on each of the stringed instruments. What sets NGU's String Department apart from other university string departments is the integration of faith with string performance. Students have the opportunity to study standard solo, small, and large ensemble classical repertoire, along with sacred settings appropriate for church services and sacred concerts. Weekly string seminar classes provide opportunities to perform for peers in a friendly and helpful environment, assisting students in preparation for lessons, recitals, and end of semester juries. Student recitals are scheduled periodically throughout the semester to allow all School of Music students to gather, perform, and listen to each other, gaining experience in solo and small ensemble recital performance. String duos, trios, quartets, or other chamber ensembles have the opportunity to perform on student recitals and on one of two chamber ensemble concerts every semester. The NGU Orchestra offers string students the opportunity to perform standard orchestral repertoire on one masterworks concert per semester and performs sacred settings during three Sunday evening services in regional churches every semester, providing string students an opportunity to integrate their faith and orchestral performance.

Students receive one lesson per week and are encouraged to practice diligently in order to glorify God through the talents He has provided. Prayer before rehearsals and performances, mentoring by Christian string faculty, and the Christ-centered atmosphere of the campus fosters each student's artistic, intellectual, and spiritual growth.