Student Activities

The goal of the Student Activities Office is to provide a safe and enthusiastic environment for students to enjoy a break from their normal routine of campus life.  There are many ways for our students to get involved on campus and we hope to serve as a connection point for these students in finding the 'niche' that fits them. 

The Student Activities Office offers a wide variety of recreational activities for NGU students. Concerts, coffeehouses, movie nights, ski trips, hiking trips and special events are just a few of the many events planned.  Our special events include the Miss NGU Pageant, Family Weekend, Homecoming Week, Christmas Week, Valentine's Day, Spring Fling Week, etc.  Activities for the Fall 2013 Semester can be viewed below on the Student Activities Calendar. 

 "Link" Orientation

The "Link" Orientation is a fast paced weekend that introduces students to campus life at NGU.  Students participate in a wide variety of activities including "meet and greet" social activities, orientation interest sessions designed to introduce students to campus resources, and worship times all designed to welcome our new students into the NGU Family. 

Tentative "Link" Orientation Schedule

Fall 2015 Dates to Remember

Make sure to mark your calendar with these very important dates of the Fall 2015 semester. 

Fall 2015 Dates to Remember

First Year Experience

Summer Reading Assignment and First Year Experience Class Information

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