Student Services at North Greenville University strives to enhance the education of the whole person by creating an environment in which students develop toward their maximum potential within the context of a Christ-centered education which seeks to integrate academic achievement, a Christian lifestyle, and enriched cultural experiences by providing a wide range of recreational and social programs in a positive Christian environment: and by delivering services to students in a consistent professional manner.

Intramural Sports

The coordinator for intramural sports plans, promotes, and implements a comprehensive intramural sports program.  The planning of this sports program is done in a manner that does not interfere with classes and other on campus events.  The promoting of events is carried out through handouts, emails, chapel announcements, and the intramural website.  Implementing a comprehensive program is done through the hiring, training, and supervising of all work studies and volunteers.  After the hiring of a work study a rigorous training is completed to help acclimatize the new and old work studies to the different sports that the program will run.  This is done impart to have individuals working the events that are competent to run the sporting events.  The intramural coordinator is responsible for the ordering and maintenance of all intramural equipment and fields.  This is accomplished by closely monitoring the equipment that is on hand, so that new equipment may be procured when the time comes.


The office of Student Activities provides many fun and exciting events each semester for NGU students, both on and off campus. Examples include movie nights, visits to theme parks, sporting events, beach and ski trips, and much more. The goal of these activities is to give each student an opportunity to fellowship with one another, while providing them meaningful activities that they would enjoy.


Students Activities provides a game room furnished with 2 pool tables, 2 ping pong tables, air hockey table, foosball table, big screen TV for video games, board games and cards, as well as, some outdoor equipment.  This room is managed by Activity Staff that are trained and supervised by the Student Activities Coordinator.


The University implements an “Academic Early Alert Intervention” program aimed at helping students maintain their academic focus. Faculty members can alert the retention coordinator when students struggle with class attendance or poor performance. The retention coordinator is responsible for making personal contact with students that he has been alerted to. The retention coordinator works with the student and faculty member to ensure good academic progress is being made by the student.


In an attempt to provide assistance to students who need help in the academic area North Greenville University offers a free tutoring service to all students. Tutors are recommended by faculty members and are paired up with students seeking tutoring. The program is supervised by the Retention Coordinator who makes sure that the tutors handle their study meetings with professionalism seriousness. The Retention Coordinator keeps track of the progress of the students in order to make necessary improvements. The University also offers tutoring through a writing center and math lab.


Resident students are assigned to campus residence halls in the order that they turn in both housing contracts and housing deposits.  Assuming both the contract and deposit have been turned in, students are then housed based upon several criteria.  Students are first housed by seniority, then by roommate requests, then by building and room requests.  Every effort is made to accommodate all students on campus according to their wishes as expressed by the Housing Contract.

Career Services

The Department of Career Services offers a variety of opportunities for students.  Both traditional and non-traditional methods are available to expand the base of student participation in these available resources.  Career counseling is designed to facilitate the process of discovering the individual’s interests, talents, and experiences as a means to set realistic goals for achieving their potential success. A holistic approach is taken into consideration while striving to assist the individual as they move through the process of cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development.