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Below, you will find information about the academic requirements for Visual Art majors at NGU. But, you can get up close and personal with the art department at their website,

The art department's site contains video testimonials, information about faculty & facilities, and portfolios of our students' artwork. If you're considering the art major at NGU, you won't want to miss it.

Purpose Statement

The mission of the NGU Art Department is to prepare students for the professional practice of art while enriching the cultural experiences of the university’s general student body. Included is the desire to develop artists who uphold Christian values and possess the knowledge, skills and behavior that foster competence in the field.

  • The goals of the Art Department at North Greenville University are:
  • To provide the student with the basic information in the field of visual art.
  • To acquaint the student with rudimentary knowledge of art in preparation for graduate school to obtain graduate level degrees in art.
  • To assist students in developing cognitive skills in order to be successful artists in their professional fields or in graduate school.
  • To install in the student a strong work ethic which is vital for success in the student’s professional field.
  • To train the student to be a vital, contributing member of the local and campus communities.

Special Admission Requirements

Admission to North Greenville University does not guarantee admission into the BA in Studio Art degree program.  Students who wish to enter the BA in Studio Art degree program must first take the following courses:

ARTS 1310 and 1320 Drawing I and II
ARTS 1330 and 1340 Design I and II
ARTS 1360 Digital Imagery
ARTS 2310 and 2320 Art History I and II

Students who have taken the previously listed courses and have earned a “C” or better are eligible to take part in the Sophomore Review.  Students must pass the Sophomore Review before being admitted into the BA in Studio Art degree program.  If a student fails to complete the Sophomore Review then they may continue to take 2000 level, general education and supporting courses but they will need to repeat the Sophomore Review the following fall or spring semester.  Students will not be allowed to enter into 3000 and 4000 level art courses until they have successfully completed the Sophomore Review process.

Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

General Education Requirements

CHST 1310, 1320     6 hours
COLL 1100/HNRS 1210    1(2) hours
ENGL 1310, 1320    6 hours
ENGL 23XX    3 hours
HIST 23XX    3 hours
MATH 1315 (or higher)    3 hours
COMM 2300    3 hours
CSCI 1305    3 hours
PHED 1200    2 hours
ELECTIVES    6 hours
Total    56(57) hours

Supporting Course:

PHIL 2300    3 hours

Major Course Requirements:

ARTS 1310 and 1320 Drawing I and II    6 hours
ARTS 1330 and 1340 Design I and II    6 hours
ARTS 1360 Digital Imagery    3 hours
ARTS 2310 and 2320 Art History I and II    6 hours
ARTS 3300 Contemporary Art History    3 hours
ARTS 4190 Art Seminar    1 hour
ARTS 4370 Exhibition and Portfolio Procedures    3 hours (repeatable)

Total    28 hours

Art Electives:

Choose 8 of the following courses which are not required in the chosen area of concentration:

ARTS 2340, 3330 or 4340 Ceramics I, II or III    3 hours each
ARTS 3390 or 4310 Graphic Art I or II    3 hours each
ARTS 3305 Non-Western Art History    3 hours
ARTS 2360, 3310 or 4350 Painting I, II or III    3 hours each
ARTS 2330, 3370 or 4360 Photography I, II or III    3 hours each
ARTS 2350, 3360 or 4380 Printmaking I, II or III    3 hours each
ARTS 2300, 3380 or 4390 Sculpture I, II or III    3 hours each
ARTS 2390 Typography    3 hours

Total    24 hours

Art Course Requirements by area of Concentration:

Ceramics Concentration:

ARTS 2340 Ceramics I    3 hours
ARTS 3330 Ceramics II    3 hours
ARTS 4340 Ceramics III    3 hours

Graphic Art Concentration:

ARTS 3390 Graphic Art I    3 hours
ARTS 4310 Graphic Art II    3 hours
ARTS 2390 Typography    3 hours

Drawing Concentration:

ARTS 4330 Drawing III    3 hours
ARTS 2350 Printmaking I    3 hours
ARTS 2360 Painting I    3 hours

Painting Concentration:

ARTS 2360 Painting I    3 hours
ARTS 3310 Painting II    3 hours
ARTS 4350 Painting III    3 hours

Photography Concentration:

ARTS 2330 Photography I    3 hours
ARTS 3370 Photography II    3 hours
ARTS 4360 Photography III    3 hours

Printmaking Concentration:

ARTS 2350 Printmaking I    3 hours
ARTS 3360 Printmaking II    3 hours
ARTS 4380 Printmaking III    3 hours

Sculpture Concentration:

ARTS 2300 Sculpture I    3 hours
ARTS 3380 Sculpture II    3 hours
ARTS 4390 Sculpture III    3 hours

General Education    56-57 hours
Support Course    3 hours
Major Courses    28 hours
Art Elective Courses    24 hours
Art Concentration Courses    9 hours
Total Hours for Degree    120-121 hours

Sophomore Review

Along with the course requirements, successful completion of the BA Degree in Studio Art includespassing the Sophomore Review.  The Sophomore Review takes place after the student completes the following courses:

ARTS 1310 and 1320 Drawing I and II
ARTS 1330 and 1340 Design I and II
ARTS 1360 Digital Imagery
ARTS 2310 and 2320 Art History I and II

A review panel consisting of art faculty members will examine artwork produced during the student’s freshman and sophomore years and evaluate whether the student is ready to move on to the junior level.  The portfolio must include all projects produced in Design Theory I and II and all drawings produced in Drawing I and II.  The portfolio may also contain any other works that the student has produced during their time at NGU.  A portfolio’s strength is determined by:

  • Originality and  Strength of Expression is the ability to effectively present ideas and images in a unique and/or personal way.
  • Visual Intelligence is the ability to think spatially and create images which are structurally logical.
  • Maturity is determined by the extent to which a student has demonstrated a disciplined exploration of a medium or concept.
  • Craftsmanship is the ability to consistently control a medium and produce predictable results which are of  archival quality.

Declaration of Area of Emphasis

After passing the Sophomore Review, the student will declare their area of emphasis.

Senior Review

Approximately one month before the student’s senior exhibition a committee consisting of art faculty will review the work that is to be exhibited.  The committee will decide whether or not the student will be able to continue with their exhibition.  If the student does not pass the review, they will not be allowed to fulfill the requirements for completing ARTS 4370 Exhibition and Portfolio Procedures and will need to retake the course.  (Exhibition and Portfolio Procedures is only offered during the fall and spring semesters.)

Grade Point Requirements

In order for BA in Studio Art students to receive credit for ARTS classes they must earn a grade of
“C” or better.

In order to earn the BA in Studio Art degree the student must have a final cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

Exhibition/Seminar Attendance

Art students must attend at least six art exhibitions or art seminars per academic year.