Texas First Lady Visits NGU

Anita Perry, wife of 2012 presidential contender Rick Perry, paid a visit to the North Greenville University campus on Thursday to address the NGU leadership. Mrs. Perry spoke to the assembled group over breakfast in the President's Dining Room.

In her unscripted remarks, Perry spoke candidly of her faith journey and the calling she believes has culminated in her husband's presidential bid. For the Perrys, it is both a spiritual and family matter as well as a matter of supreme public service. She spoke of her view of the campaign as a battle for America's soul.

Perry spoke for approximately fifteen minutes, relating a number of meaningful stories from the Texas first family's political life, including accounts of people who believed in the mission of reclaiming the country's Christian heritage, and even some who warned of the strife that a presidential campaign may force a family to endure. 

She made reference to some of these trials, suggesting that much of the 'heat' Rick Perry has faced as he has risen in popularity around the country has been in reaction to his outspoken Christian faith. Even some of his opposition among Republican contenders has been centered upon Perry's conservative Christianity.

Mrs. Perry seemed to relax in the company of the NGU family in a way not often seen on the presidential campaign trail. She stated that she could sense the presence of the Lord on the NGU campus, and believed that she was among friends. She shared both her spiritual self as well as her political self in her appeal for the university's support of her husband's candidacy.