The International Spirit

You want your educational experience to mean something. You want to make a difference while making memories that will last a lifetime. You want to tell the world about Christ, you've found the International Spirit.

Whether you're impacting campus, the Greenville community, or spreading the Gospel overseas, being involved in missions gives you an outlet to share your faith in the world around you. Missions at NGU is just one way that the "Christ Makes the Difference" motto is put into action. And if you're looking to be part of that experience, you can spend your weekdays, weekends, and even summers making a difference for Christ.

Fast Facts About Missions

  • L.I.G.H.T. teams, sponsored by the NGU Office for Global Missions, give students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to work alongside each other and participate in mission projects both nationally and internationally.
  • The North American Mission Board has honored NGU with the J. Courts Redford Award for summer missionary recruitment.
  • During the 2009-10 academic year, over 150 students served in missions. Additionally, NGU has been recognized for leading South Carolina's universities in the number of students serving as summer missionaries.
  • Students have impacted North America in places like New Orleans, San Francisco, Vancouver (Canada), and West Virginia.
  • The Gospel has been shared by NGU students overseas in areas such as east and central Asia, Honduras, Ecuador, China, Turkey, Hungary, Mexico, Greece, and Uganda.