Submission Guidelines

Literary Submissions

1. Follow MLA page format for margins. The header should consist of the title of the work (NOT your last name), a space, and then the page number. If the work is an untitled poem, please put "Untitled Poem" in place of the title.

Note: Titled literary works are preferred.


To Fall ___ 1 

Untitled Poem ___ 1

2. Download TML Literary Submission Coversheet, fill it out, and attach it. This is one of the MOST important steps, as without a coversheet, we will not know who has submitted the work.

3. Submit your work electronically by e-mailing the submission to OR by turning in a paper copy to one of the collection boxes around campus. Remember to attach the coversheet to the e-mail or paper copy.

Art Submissions

1. Download TML Art Submission Coversheet from this website, fill it out, and attach it. This is one of the MOST important steps, as without a coversheet, we will not know who has submitted the work.

2. All art submissions must be received electronically by e-mailing the submission to, placed in collection boxes around campus, OR submitted in person to the Humanities Department office, Art Department office, TML faculty advisor Dr. Deborah DeCiantis, or the current TML editor.

To All Artists and Writers


For best consideration, all submissions should be in by the Fall deadline. The deadline for the 2010-2011 TML is November 15.

Rights of TML Staff

*Page Layout - TML staff will prepare page layouts using Adobe CS software.  We will select a standard font for literary works. A writer may request a specific type of font necessary for thematic or visual effectiveness.  Such cases will be considered, but the staff reserves the right to make final decisions affecting the appearance of the publication.

   Art entries will be published in full color in a special section of the journal. A high-resolution photograph of art work will appear with a caption listing the title, dimensions, medium, and the artist’s name.  Artists will be invited to view the page proof for their work(s) prior to publication.  If an error in the title, medium, or other details is found, the artist will have the opportunity to correct errors.  If an artist fails to review the proof for his/her artwork by the deadline specified, staff will submit the proof as designed. 

* Minor Editing - In cases where we believe the manuscript contains errors in spelling, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, etc., TML staff will edit the manuscript on our page layouts.  Writers will be given an opportunity to review page proofs (or will be contacted with an e-mail/phone call describing the alteration) before we submit them to the printer.  If the writer indicates that what appeared to be an error was intentional (it should be apparent that such intentional “errors” have a specific purpose and effectiveness within the piece), the writer may correct the proof.  If a writer does not review the page proof by the deadline communicated to him/her, editing changes made by staff will remain in the final published version.

* Inappropriate Content - In cases where a work of visual art or literature includes content (thematic material, images, symbols, and/or words) which may be deemed inappropriate for a Christian university publication, the artist/writer will be invited to submit an altered version.  If the artist/writer declines the opportunity to edit his/her work, the work may be disqualified.