Transfer of Credit | Policies

Transfer of Credit Policy

Transcripts are evaluated in the Registrar’s office prior to enrollment. A copy of the accepted courses is given to the transfer counselor in admissions, who contacts the student. Upon enrollment and receipt of official final transcript, the Registrar enters classes in the student’s North Greenville University transcript. The student is then notified through campus mail of the courses accepted. The notification is recorded in the student’s permanent file. Credits earned at another accredited institution may be transferred back to North Greenville University provided the grades are “C” or better and the courses are relevant to the curriculum at North Greenville University. The transfer grades will not be used by the university in computing grade point average, but will be used as “earned hours” in accumulating hours for a degree. A grade of “D” in a single subject may be transferred back to the university only if it affects graduation at North Greenville University and the cumulative G.P.A. at North Greenville University is 2.0 or higher. Students wishing to transfer coursework back to North Greenville University must have written permission from the Registrar’s office. A minimum of 25 percent of all credits applied toward a degree must be earned from North Greenville University. The student must earn 30 of the last 36 credit hours in a degree program at North Greenville University unless an exception is approved by the respective Dean and Vice President for Academics.