Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet Access

CrusaderConnect is the wireless SSID designated for student use. CrusaderConnect is an encrypted connection which is an important security safe-guard when wireless is used for access to sites that require authentication. The password is "crusader" (all lower case). The password is no secret; we want everyone to know it. The password is not the security, it is the method for implementing encryption.

For Android, Windows, and OSX users, simply connect to the new SSID and enter the password when prompted.

If you need assistance in connecting to CrusaderConnect, please contact the Help Desk at 864-977-7272

Internet Acceptable Use Policies

High-speed Internet services are provided by NGU and should be used to support the mission and purposes of the university.

a. Web site filtering is performed to block Internet sites that are offensive, malicious, bandwidth intensive, illegal or unethical. Web sites in categories that will be blocked include but are not limited to the following: adult content, gambling, hacking, audio/video streaming, pornography, tastelessness, sexuality and violence.

b. It is a violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy for any student to bypass or attempt to bypass the Web content filtering controls used on the NGU network.

c. If a particular website is blocked and a student needs access to this site as part of their for approved academic purposes, a request to unblock the site must be sent to the ITS Helpdesk by the studentís professor.  Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

d. The Director of ITS will review the request and ultimate approval to unblock a site will come from the Vice President for Academics.

e. Gaming is restricted to evening and weekend hours only.  Students are advised to use wired connections to gain maximum performance and preserve wireless bandwidth for other purposes.  Students must not attempt to bypass content filtering or band restrictions for the purpose of playing games that violate the Universityís content policy or supported hours.