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 My name is Ruth McWhite, and I joined this staff in the Fall of 2006.  Prior to serving here, I was a pastor's wife and a missionary to Ecuador with the IMB.  My husband, Allen, began working at NGU in 2002 as the Director of Global Missions.   During that time, I taught Biblical Worldview at Greer Christian Learning Center to high school students.  In my free time, I was mentoring NGU girls in my home, and I LOVED the time that I had with them.

 In the Spring of 2006, I was teaching Experiencing God to my high school students, and through that study, God made it clear to me that He had a place on this campus for me to serve Him.  And so began my journey here.

 God called me here through a passage of Scripture in Numbers 11:16-17.  When Moses could no longer carry the burden of leading so many people by himself, the Lord told him to gather 70 elders and have them stand outside of the Tent of Meeting.  Then the Lord took from His Spirit that He had poured out on Moses, and He poured it over the people.  I am constantly reminded that this is also the way He has chosen to work in this ministry.  I am to sit at His Feet, and as He pours His Spirit on me, then I have the privilege of allowing that to overflow into the lives of the girls around me.  And that is also what I am teaching the girls - "Allow His Spirit to pour out through you onto the lives of the girls in your dorm, your classes, and wherever you may be on campus." 

 I am also the mother of four wonderful children and two daughters-in-law that I love as if I had given birth to them.  Family is my real heartbeat!  I love passing on some 'home skills' to my girls for their lives in the future.  My college years were spent at Erskine College where I majored in Home Economics.  So it is fun to use that part of my life with these girls. 

 I also studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX, and I earned a Masters in Religious Education.  Best of all, I found the love of my life there!  Allen and I married in 1983 and have 26 fun years of ministry together.



Pathfinders is a 28 day guide to spiritual disciplines that I put together for the girls on campus.  This group meets for 28 days!  During that time, you will daily work through this booklet to develop more consistent habits for your own quiet time, such as journaling, Bible study, Scripture memory, etc.  This group is limited to 10 girls and will meet in my home during February, and then a second group will meet during April. 


During the Spring semester, I will be teaching a group of 8 girls who are engaged!  Apples of Gold  is a book that I use to teach, and in this study, we will meet for 6 weeks.  We meet at my home and prepare a meal, study about family and marriage while the meal cooks, and then...we gather around the table and enjoy our work! 


Is a study led by Michelle Matthews and Lindsey Welkner that teaches Biblical Femininity.  (What a word!)  It meets on Tuesday evenings.


Chronological Bible Study is led by me on Monday afternoons at my home.  In this study, we are working our way through the major stories of Scripture and learning how God deals with His children - women in particular! 


Heather Reynolds is leading this study on Tuesday nights at 7:00 for Self and Trustees girls (and anyone else who wants to join!).  


Kassidy Reynolds is facilitating a Bible study in Hartness on Philippians for this semester.


If you are interested in any of these studies you may contact the student leading or call me at 977-7030 or email me at rwmcwhite@ngu.edu