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Work Study Payroll Schedule:






Jan. 4-Jan. 31

February 1

February 18


Feb. 1-Mar. 6

March 7

March 17


Mar. 7-April 3

April 4

April 21


April 4-May 1

May 2

To Be Determined

You must be requested by a Work Study Supervisor or you may submit a current resume' to the Work Study Coordinator. The Work Study Coordinator will provide your information to supervisors who may be interested. If the supervisor agrees to hire you, they must request you to the Work Study Coordinator.

All undergraduate students qualify for work study. You must attend a New Work study Orientation Meeting with the Work Study Coordinator and complete an I-9. You must also complete a W-4 with the Payroll Clerk.  All international students must have a social security card in order to qualify. 

You will be paid on the third Thursday of each month for time worked according to the Work Study Payroll Schedule. Most students work an average of 5 hours per week for 13 weeks, for no more than 70 hours per semester at $7.25 /hour (based on minimum wage effective 7/24/09). If all 70 hours are worked within the semester, you will earn $400 after taxes ($500 gross). The music accompanist award may be less.

Work Study students must complete a "Work Study Payroll Authorization Form" with the Work Study Coordinator if you would like your Work Study earnings to be applied to your NGU Student Account. Your Work Study earnings will be paid consistent with your authorization choice as long as you remain a Work Study.  

If you would like to change the way you receive your Work Study earnings, you must complete the "Work Study Payroll Authorization Reversal Form" with the Work Study Coordinator. 

Work Study paperwork (I-9) must be on file with the Financial Aid Office, and a W-4 must be on file with the Payroll Clerk in the Business Office before you begin Work Study.

Ellen Cape-Jewell, NGU Work Study Coordinator                                                                                 
Phone: 864-663-0191 or Email Ellen







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