Write2Ignite Gives Opportunities to aspiring Christian authors

On March 15, the annual Write2Ignite conference will be held in North Greenville University’s Christian Worldview Center.

Convening at NGU for a fourth consecutive year, Write2Ignite is a non-profit organization which aims to inspire the future generation of Christian writers.

According to Deborah DeCiantis, a North Greenville faculty member and liaison between NGU and Write2Ignite, the conference is sponsored by North Greenville University’s English department and is a collaboration of Christian agents, authors and publishers.

The purpose is to produce quality children’s literature which targets ages from infant to young adult, possessing not only a Christian worldview, but also a quality comparable to the best available in the marketplace.

The conference allows authors of all ages the opportunity to personally interact and network with multiple agents and publishers in the world of Christian literature. This gives writers a chance to see exactly what these corporations and individuals are looking for in potential clients.

The conference begins on Friday evening, March 15. Registration will last from 3 to 6 p.m. A time of praise and worship will begin at 4:15 p.m., followed by a session at 6:45 p.m.

According to DeCiantis, “First Pages” is one of the highlights of the conference. “People who want feedback turn in the first page only of a manuscript that they are working on to a panel of editors and agents. The page is read aloud, and commented on by the panel.” The submissions are anonymous, thus upholding the non-intimidating goal of the conference.

A final workshop will follow the session Friday night, as well as a time for coffee and discussion. Saturday will be an all-day event of keynote speakers and workshops, lasting from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Conference attendees of all ages will have access to the same keynote speakers, but middle and high school students will attend workshops separate from the Adult track. College students wishing to attend Teen Track workshops will be able to do so, particularly those interested in teaching secondary education.

Overall, Write2Ignite provides a heartening environment to writers both new and old to the world of writing.

“Write2Ignite is a tremendously uplifting collection of presentations and workshops,” said DeCiantis. “Whether somebody is just thinking about getting into writing or has been discouraged because he or she has acquired a stack of 15 rejection letters from publishers, I would say the fellowship and encouragement are alone worth the price of admission. That’s not even mentioning all the practical information and networking that’s available.”

Keynote speakers will include Cecil Murphy, acclaimed Christian author and ghost-writer, as well as artist and motivational speaker Tony Snipes.

Cost for registration is $100 for adults and $55 for students. For more payment information, visit the website: write2ignite.com.

By: Stephen Washick, NGU Student