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North Greenville University PA Medicine students have two opportunities to participate in an international clerkship in developing country.


Mission Statement


The mission of our program is to serve the underserved, and through our trip we will be able to provide essential health care to those who otherwise would not have access to care.  




Student exposure to international medical service has many inherent benefits to include:

  • An appreciation for cultural literacy, increasing one's ability to recognize and respect cultural differences.
  • Heightened enthusiasm for a career in medicine.
  • A better understanding of global disease and traveler's medicine, allowing them to respect their role in humanitarian service.
  • Recognition of the impact that society and economics have on disease.
  • Learning diagnostic skills in the presence of limited resources enhances clinical exam skills.


Trip Dates


April 7 - 14 &  August 18 - 25  



Why should people give


A week-long medical mission trip costs between $30,000 and $40,000 after airfare, security, travel expenses, translators, medical supplies and medications to help around 500 people. Unfortunately, this is a cost that 20 PA students alone cannot feasibly cover. With your help, however, we will be able to fulfill our dream of helping those who need it most.


What does this money go toward?


All funds raised will be used to cover the cost of medications, medical supplies, travel expenses, hired security and translators, as well as food and water for the people of Nicaragua during each week-long mission trip. Any donation is much appreciated and will be used to help, comfort and heal.