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The definition of plagiarism given in Joseph Gibaldi's MLA Style Manual: "Using another person's ideas or expressions in your writing without acknowledging the source constitutes plagiarism... To plagiarize is to give the impression that you wrote or thought something that you in fact borrowed from someone, and to do so is a violation of professional ethics... Forms of plagiarism include the failure to give appropriate acknowledgment when repeating another's wording or particularly apt phrase, paraphrasing another's argument, and presenting another's line of thinking" (6.1; see also Gibaldi, MLA Handbook, ch. 2). 

Violations of the Student Conduct code such as cheating or plagiarism will result in sanctions deemed appropriate for the offense. Possible sanctions include:

  • Assignment failure: a grade of "zero" for the assignment involved.
  • Course failure: a grade of "F" for the course in which the offense occurred.
  • Forced withdrawal: withdrawal without credit from the college for a period of one semester.
  • Disciplinary Withdrawal or Suspension from the University.

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