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The CSS offers counseling in academic standing at North Greenville University for students on academic probation. The services are provided to enhance academic support services for students on our campus.

Students on academic probation have the opportunity to attend one-on-one meetings about advising and other related services to support student persistence and retention. Students will participate in a 2-hour course designed to help students develop attitudes and habits that will lead to a greater success in college. The mission of the course is to provide opportunities to help students know themselves academically, to encourage and refine learning habits, and to build support in the college community.


The Classifications


Students who do not fulfill the criteria for good academic standing may be placed in one of the following categories undergraduate academic standing: 

  • First semester - academic probation                            
  • Two consecutive semesters - academic suspension*

*Students on academic suspension will be asked to sit out for one semester during their first suspension and one academic year for a following suspension.  Students may appeal their academic suspension to the Academic Standing Committee.


GPA Requirements for Good Academic Standing


Similar to the financial aid requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress, undergraduate students must maintain the following GPA to be considered in good academic standing.

 Cumulative Hours Attempted


 0-29 hours


 30-59 hours


 60+ hours


For questions regarding the Academic Standing services, please contact Kayla Black via email at css@ngu.edu or via phone at 864-663-0165.