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Admitted Students Compete For Scholarships during Scholars Weekend

Tigerville, SC (February 22, 2020) An invitation-only Scholars Weekend for top admitted full-time undergraduate candidates took place on North Greenville University’s (NGU) Tigerville Campus Feb. 21-22. Scholars Weekend provides prospective students an opportunity to compete for scholarships beyond what is initially awarded at the time of admission. The university’s largest merit awards, full tuition, room and board NGU Fellows Scholarship for South Carolina residents and Trustee Scholarship for new first-time students entering this fall will be awarded through Scholars Weekend.

“We have made several enhancements to the Scholars Weekend, including offering an overnight visit, dinner with Dr. Fant and other administrators, and additional competitive components,” said Vice President for Student Services Rachael Russiaky. “These enhancements are meant to provide a special opportunity for some of our most academically gifted prospective students to better experience our community better and show them how they can benefit from an NGU education.”

These academic scholarships are based on a student’s academic performance during high school and their potential to excel at NGU. Students will be evaluated by three competitive components during the event, including a personal interview, participation in a group discussion of prominent issues from the Christian world-view perspective, and a timed essay-writing assignment.

Xander Waiser from Monroe, NC, was among the 55 students in attendance for Scholars Weekend.

“Besides being biblically faithful, mission-focused, and Christ-centered, I love the small campus environment. Everybody is friendly and it was good to get to know everyone at the coffeehouse last night,” said Waiser.

Ashlyn Conner from Midland City, AL and her family drove six hours for the event. It was her third visit to campus.

“Each time I visit the campus, I see more and learn more about it. The more I learn, the more I love it,” said Conner.

The weekend began Friday afternoon with optional admission to NGU’s Fifth Annual Business Symposium to allow scholarship candidates to experience a sampling of the type of events offered to students.

The Symposium theme “Courage to Create” featured several local and national Christian business leaders which included the Benham Brothers, identical twins David Benham and Jason Benham. The plenary and break-out sessions were designed to help students better understand what God is doing in the world of business and how they can participate in this global movement; changing the world and glorifying God through business and entrepreneurship.

Other events on Friday included a dinner with NGU President Dr. Gene C. Fant, Jr., faculty, staff, and senior administrators, a campus-wide coffeehouse, a parent VIP session, and the candidate interview competition on Saturday.

NGU Provost and Dean of the University Faculty Dr. Nathan A. Finn says that Scholars Weekend is a highlight of the year at North Greenville.

“It is a joy to welcome so many bright young people to our Tigerville campus and to spend a couple of days getting to know them personally and challenging them intellectually,” said Finn.

For information about NGU's undergraduate, graduate, and online degree programs, visit NGU.edu/academics


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