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Advanced Music Education Studies graduate certificate program is designed for K-12 professionals and educators in non-profit private schools, public schools, or church ministries, serving others in a music leadership or teaching capacity. The purpose of this certificate program is to improve the confidence of professionals in the areas of planning, developing, teaching, and assessing strategies to better serve students enrolled and participating in musical activities in the 21st century. Whether you currently function as the music educator in your school, provide leadership for other professionals in these roles, or serve in a music church ministry role, the Advanced Music Education Studies will assist you in preparation for greater effectiveness with your students, performers, and peers. Once you successfully complete the program, you will receive a professional graduate Advanced Music Education Studies certificate from North Greenville University. Earned graduate credits may be used for certification renewal, add-on certification, and professional development requirements. 

*This certificate is 12 hours of university credit at the graduate level. Graduate credits are awarded for courses completed with a grade of C or higher.

**Acceptance to this program does not guarantee acceptance into the full NGU masterís degree program. A separate application process must be completed for entry into a full masterís degree program.



  • Educational Leaders
  • Homeschool Instructors
  • K-12 Educators
  • Principals
  • Fine Arts Consultants/Supervisors
  • Teachers Seeking Add-On Certification  

The curriculum for NGUís Certificate in Music Education Leadership consists of 12 hours.

  • MMED 5110  Woodwind Repair (1 hour)
  • MMED 5120  Percussion Repair (1 hour)
  • MMED 5130  High Brass Techniques for Graduate Students (1 hour)
  • MMED 5220  Current Issues in Music Education (2 hours)
  • MMED 5225  Preparing Ensembles for Adjudication at Contests and Festivals (2 hours)
  • MMED 5230  Low String Technique (2 hours)
  • MMED 5235  String Pedagogy for Graduate Students (2 hours)
  • MMED 5240  Beyond the Traditional String Classroom (2 hours)
  • MMED 5245  Music History: Musical Borrowing (2 hours)
  • MMED 5320  The Integration of Global Music (3 hours)
  • MMED 5325  Marching Band Techniques (3 hours)
  • MMED 5335  Teaching the Developing Singer (3 hours)
  • MMED 5340  Directing the High School Musical (3 hours)
  • MMED 5355  Contemporary and Experiential Music of the 20th/21st Centuries (3 hours)
  • MMED 5380  Graduate Woodwind Techniques (3 hours)
  • MMED 5390  Composition (3 hours)
  • MMED 5395  Score Analysis (3 hours)
  • MMED 5485  Graduate Conducting (3 hours)
  • MMED 6300  Analytic Techniques (3 hours)
  • MMED 6340  Psychology of Music Education (3 hours)
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