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Who is Eligible:


The interest income from the Alumni Endowment Scholarship Fund will be available each fall in the form of scholarships. If you have children or grandchildren who are incoming freshmen, current students or transfer students, they are eligible for an Alumni Endowment Scholarship. Please complete the Alumni Scholarship application below.


Application Deadline:


Applications are due by March 30. Selections will be completed by April 30 and recipients will be notified by the Office of Alumni Engagement. If your application is not selected, you may reapply the following year, as this is a first come/first serve scholarship.


Criteria for Selection


The Alumni Association has established the following criteria for use in the annual selection process for the recipients of the Alumni Endowment Scholarship:

  1. Show a record of significant accomplishment in his/her life while maintaining high Christian principles, namely High School/Community/Church Activities/Mission Work.
  2. Display impeccable character and integrity in his/her daily life.
  3. Recognize and contribute to the improvement of his/her fellow man.
  4. Demonstrate need based on household income and other information of prospective student. Student must be full-time.
  5. Present acceptable SAT or ACT score. Student must maintain a 2.8 GPA to be considered for the scholarship while at NGU.
  6. Demonstrate interest in NGU (i.e. Application received in Admissions or receipt of completed Alumni Endowment Scholarship application from parent or grandparent.) 

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