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The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics offers an American Sign Language (ASL) minor. The prerequisite for a minor in ASL is the completion or the placement out of ASL I, ASL II, ASL III, and ASL IV.

Core courses required for all ASL minors:
ASLA 2330, Deaf Culture 3 hours
ASLA 3390, Receptive Narrative Skills 3 hours
Subtotal 6 hours

Select four of the following:
ASLA 3310 ASL V 3 hours
ASLA 3320 ASL VI  3 hours
ASLA **** ASL Linguistics 3 hours
ASLA **** Literature, Poetry, Drama and Folklore of ASL 3 hours
ASLA **** Language Development and ASL 3 hours
ASLA **** Evangelism and the Deaf Community 3 hours
ASLA **** Sociolingustics and the Deaf Community 3 hours
ASLA **** English and ASL, a Comparative Study 3 hours
ASLA **** Internship in ASL
ASLA **** Independent Study in ASL*

Subtotal 12 hours

Total 18 hours
*This course may be taken more than once as long as the topic of the course is different. No more than nine credit hours may be on the 2000 level.