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The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics offers an American Sign Language (ASL) minor. The prerequisite for a minor in ASL is the completion or the placement out of ASL I, ASL II, ASL III, and ASL IV.

Core courses required for all ASL minors:

ASLA 2330 Deaf Culture I  (3 hrs)
ASLA 2340    ASL Receptive Narrative Skills (3 hrs)
ASLA 3310 ASL V  (3 hrs)

Subtotal  9  hrs

Select THREE of the following

ASLA 3320 ASL VI  (3 hrs)
ASLA 3335 ASL Linguistics (3 hrs)
ASLA 3350 ASL Literature (3 hrs)
ASLA 3360 Language Development and ASL  (3 hrs)
ASLA 3340 Evangelism and the Deaf Community (3 hrs)
ASLA 3330 Sociolinguistics and the Deaf Community(Deaf Culture II) (3 hrs)
*ASLA 3390 Special topics

Subtotal   9  hrs

TOTAL 18 hrs

*This course may be taken more than once as long as the topic of the course is different. No more than nine credit hours may be on the 2000 level