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Fall Term Phonathon Dates


November 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20


Spring Term Phonathon Dates


February 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19


What Is the NGU Phonathon?


Nearly 50 students call alumni each year in an effort to update records, keep them connected to campus, and seek their financial support.

The Phonathon is an integral part of NGU's fundraising efforts each year. Alumni generosity provides support for scholarships, collegewide program enhancements, and special projects.

Many of our student callers are scholarship recipients who are the direct beneficiaries of alumni gifts. Their success at NGU depends on donors. The example set by generous alumni now will inspire them to follow in your footsteps as supporters of "God's University."


Why give through the NGU Phonathon?


Aside from helping the University, it is a way to invest in NGU and stay connected. Perhaps the best reason to give through this program is to show your belief in the mission of North Greenville University. When you receive a call from one of our enthusiastic Phonathon volunteers,  we encourage you to take a few minutes to talk with them. Ask about campus life and let them know what it was like when you were at NGU.

Your support of the annual fund through the Phonathon is important to the ongoing work of North Greenville and contributes to the success of the "Gift God" Campaign. Our ability to raise these important dollars depends on our ability to get in touch with you! If you haven't received a call from
North Greenville in a while, please send us your phone number! Our goals of increasing participation and staying connected with alumni and friends of the university are very important.

The collective power of your gifts makes it possible for NGU to build on its excellence and benefit students, the community and the region through an institution where Christ Makes the Difference.