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Apologetics Camp


Is a high energy week for high school students [Freshman Seniors] held each summer at NGU. Students have the opportunity to delve into the Word and make a positive defense of the Christian worldview or a negative critique of the secular worldview.   

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Christian Worldview Conference


Is a dynamic 3-day event held each March at NGU.  The Center brings to the campus nationally-known speakers, thought leaders, and opinion makers. The emphasis of this event is organized to help students better understand 21st century challenges to the Christian faith and to equip them to live for Christ proactively, consistently and boldly.


Truth for a New Generation


Since 2011, the Center has organized and hosted an Apologetics Conference with the purpose of learning to defend the Christian faith. Well known speakers have been Ben Carson, Joni Eareckson Tada, the late Chuck Colson, Eric Metaxas and more.

Attendees come to better understand their faith hearing scholars present their research and up-to-date evidence for Christianity.


Tuesday Night Truth


Is a gathering that takes place several times throughout the semester where Christians are introduced to the subject of apologetics as well as Christian thinkers within the faith.  Presenters dialog on various subject matters relevant to today.



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