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The Center of Apologetics & Christian Worldview is based on building “your confidence in the Word of God”.  In your world, are you a Daniel, David, Peter, Paul – confident and able to dialog and present your faith and reason for hope in Jesus Christ?  In the New Testament, Peter writes to the believer to “…always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you…” [1 Peter 3:15 (ESV)]

Here at the Center of Apologetics & Christian Worldview, our mission is to serve NGU students and the Church by equipping individuals to effectively defend the faith.  We do so through teaching, conferences and broadcasts in the U.S. & around the world.

Dr. Tony Beam

Vice President for Student Life and Christian Worldview


Dr. Tony Beam, professor, radio talk show host and founder of the Center of Apologetics & Christian Worldview in 2004, is continually amazed at what God is doing to expand and bless this program at NGU. Today, the Center’s national reach includes classes taught in apologetics, regional and national apologetics conferences, regional and national speaking opportunities that include churches, conferences, radio, and television.
One of the key roles of the Center is working with NGU students. In 2012, Dr. Beam started the Life Answers Team, which is a group of students who speak in churches, schools, and conferences defending the faith using a panel discussion style format. Each student receives scholarship money for the extra time they invest in preparing to defend the faith in a variety of public arenas.
In the classroom, Dr. Beam teaches Old Testament, Christian Worldview, and Cults and New Age. He is the recipient of the 2012 South Carolina Citizens for Life President’s Award, 2013 North Greenville Faculty/Staff Legacy Award, and the 2016 South Carolina Baptist E.A. McDowell Award.
Dr. Beam actively serves in his community and South Carolina Baptist Conference. He has been an interim pastor for 13 churches in the Upstate region of South Carolina. He and his wife, Denise have three children and 5 grandchildren.


Alex McFarland

Director for Christian Worldview


Alex McFarland is a noted author,speaker, apologist and TV and radio talk show host. He has spoken in hundreds of locations around the world and written 17 books. He co-hosts Exploring the Word (heard on the AFR network) and is the host of Viral Truth (seen on the NRB TV network). CNN and CNN.com called Alex McFarland, “An expert on world religions and cults.”
In 2011, Alex joined Dr. Tony Beam at NGU to serve as the Director for the Center of Apologetics and Christian Worldview. And, in 2012, they hosted the first Truth for a New Generation (TNG) National Apologetics Conference in South Carolina.
Alex’s wife, Angie, plays a tremendous role in all the Lord has called Alex to do. Together they enjoy their NGU extended family and campus ministry!



Robin McCarter

Assistant Director for Christian Worldview


Robin started working at NGU in 2008, but her history with the school goes back further. She was a student at North Greenville University in 1992, when it was a 2 year college. It was then, she had an opportunity to be a part of the first Act II Drama Team. Robin graduated with an Associate’s degree and went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree from Limestone College.
She returned to NGU where she completed her MBA with a concentration in human resources and finance. Today, she is pursuing a doctoral degree. She is currently serving as an adjunct faculty member for NGU’s College of Business and as the university’s Title IX coordinator.
In addition, Robin is a women’s speaker, advocating for awareness against child sexual abuse. Robin is married to her husband, Michael with two daughters, Mia (2016 NGU Graduate) and Madison.


Each year at NGU, the Center of Apologetics & Christian Worldview is privileged to select students from an amazing group of applicants to participate in our Life Answer Team [LAT].

Co-led by Drs. Tony Beam and Alex McFarland, LAT builds faith and trust in God through a deeper understanding of scripture and an exploration of past and present Christian thinkers.  As students gain confidence to take on “the tough questions”, they are presented with opportunities to speak to a wide variety of audiences, sharing the good news and in some instances, going unscripted for a “live” Q & A.

Life Answer Team are students investing in each other, gaining a rational defense of the faith and developing skills to speak and lead.

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