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Spiritual Growth • Fun & Adventure • Develop a Rock-Solid Faith • Creative Friendships

Tigerville, South Carolina

July 22-26, 2018 *  7th-12th Grade


Main Session Topics


  • My Whole Life For His Whole Plan
  • Why This Conference and Why Me?
  • Can You Trust the Word of God?
  • Ancient Evidence for the Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ
  • Creation vs. Evolution: The Facts and Why It Matters
  • Is Jesus Christ Really God
  • How Christians Should Respond to the LGBTQ*An Argument and Agenda
  • How To Study and Understand Word of God


Breakout Session Topics


  • How Culture and College Will Challenge Your Faith
  • Why Life is Precious and Why Our Pro-abortion Culture is Crumbling
  • Understanding and Applying What God’s Word Says About Gender
  • Theodicy: If God is so Good Why is the Word so Bad?
  • Reconciling the Goodness of God with the Reality of Hell




  • 15 Apologetic/Worldview training sessions
  • Field Trip to the Billy Graham Center (behind the scenes tour
  • Meet NGU faculty/mentors
  • Outdoor Activities/Games


Be Ready Always To Give An Answer For The Faith That You Have.


1 Peter 3:15

“Not Only Has The Church In North America Failed To Convey Its Message To The Next Generation, The Church Seems Increasingly Unsure Just What Its Message Is.”  Richard Ostling, AP Religion Reporter




DR. TONY BEAM - Vice President for Student Life & Christian Worldview at NGU
ALEX MCFARLAND - Christian author, speaker, radio and TV talk show personality, evangelist, and Director of the Center for Apologetics & Christian Worldview at NGU


  • Dr. Gene Fant
  • Dr. Ken Hemphill
  • Alexander Hamilton III
  • Lisa Van Riper
  • Dr. Walter Johnson
  • Dr. Greg Bruce
  • Dr. Larry McDonald
  • And more!




If you register before 4/1/2018: $229 per person

If you register after 4/1/2018: $249.00 per person

(1 chaperone is required for every 10 students)


All Meals and Lodging Included



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