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Participation in an online class includes:


  • Turning in an assignment.
  • Posting in a threaded discussion.
  • Completing a test or quiz.


Presence at a course held on a campus such as a hybrid course:


  • Attendance recorded on the night of class.
  • Student participation (see definition, above) online in a hybrid course will count as attendance as well.
    The Late Assignment Policy is established to provide a grace period for students who cannot submit their work in a timely manner due to unforeseen circumstances. This policy allows late submissions to receive partial credit on the following schedule*:
    • 1 day after the deadline a submission receives 5% deduction
    • 2 days after the deadline a submission receives 10% deduction
    • 3 days after the deadline a submission receives 15% deduction
    • 4 days after the deadline a submission receives 20% deduction
    • 5 days after the deadline a submission receives 25% deduction
    • 6 days after the deadline a submission receives 30% deduction
    • 1 week (7 days) after the deadline a submission receives “0” grade.
    • No submissions made after the course end date will be accepted or graded.

    Students should communicate with the Instructor(s) in case of extenuating circumstances (such as hospitalization, childbirth, major accident, injury or bereavement) in a timely manner. Only upon provision of applicable documentation and the Dean’s approval when necessary, the Instructor(s) may use their discretion and adjust the late penalty.

    *Group Dialogue Grading Rubric has the late submission penalty built-in. Due to its collaborative nature, this assignment will not be accepted for credit after the weekly deadline.


    GPA is reviewed at the end of each semester. If the student's GPA falls below the required minimum (NGU Online: 2.0), the student will be placed on academic warning and has 1 term, or 3 credits, to return their GPA to a satisfactory level. If the student does not successfully bring their GPA to the required minimum, they'll be placed on academic probation. The student will then be given another term, or 3 credits, to return their GPA to satisfactory level. If the student is not able to do so, they will be placed on academic suspension.

    • Academic suspension occurs when a student does not successfully maintain required GPA for two consecutive terms

    The student submits an Academic Suspension Appeal form, request letter, and supporting documentation to their Advisor, who will submit their appeal to the Dean of NGU Online. Student may attend the appeal process.

    • Approval or Denial of the appeal is communicated to the advisor, and in writing to the student.
    • If denied, the student can re-enroll after a 3 months suspension by contacting their advisor.
    • If suspension occurs a second time, the student must reapply with an Admissions Advisor after one year.

    Students who choose to drop a class must inform their Advisor of the change in schedule. Students who drop a class during, or before, the 3rd week of class will receive a W (withdraw) on their transcript. Dropping a class during or after the 4th week will result in a grade of WP (withdraw-pass) or WF (withdraw-fail) assigned by the instructor. Students who do not participate by the end of the 2nd week of class will be administratively withdrawn from the course.

    • An AW (administrative withdraw) will appear on their transcript and the course will be refunded.

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